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A List of Old and New Social Networking Sites

Updated on November 10, 2017
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Cleo Addams is a published author who loves to research and write for HubPages in her free time.

Photo used courtesy of Salvatore Vuono.
Photo used courtesy of Salvatore Vuono. | Source

Social networking sites - they're born, they evolve and some even, sadly, come to an end. Whether you started out on Myspace and ended up on Facebook (or on some other less known social network situated in a dusty corner of the web), social networks are here to stay.


Bebo was once similar to Facebook in which users could create profiles for themselves, publish blogs, polls, add pictures, etc. Sadly, in July 2013, Bebo filed for bankruptcy. As of July 2017, Bebo offers a multi-feature streaming software for use with Twitch.



A blogging community where users share written blogs, as well as video blogs, and receive feedback from other users.


One of the very first social networking communities (est. 1995) for old and new Classmates to reconnect. A basic profile is free, but a Premium membership is needed to take full advantage of the site.



An online community for artists to gather and share their artwork.



Established in 2004, Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites today with over 1 billion active users worldwide. Users can share pictures, websites, chat, post status updates, etc.


Faith Freaks

Faith Freaks ( was a site for Christians to unite and start discussions, upload photos, write blogs, ask for prayer, etc. (Author's Note: As of the writing of this article, the site's domain name is for sale and I have not been able to find any further info regarding when the site was closed.)


A site for users to rate movies, discover new movies, and chat about movie interests with others. In February of 2016, Fandango acquired Flixster and started to migrate its users to FandangoNow.



Folkdirect is a social networking site similar to Facebook; however, content on the site is monitored more closely by site admins. Users can share pictures, post status updates, share links, chat, etc. Folkdirect also provides the site free of ads.


Friend Project

Miss the old MySpace? Remember when Tom was your first friend? Well, get a dose of nostalgia by joining Friend Project. They use the old MySpace code with a few added extras to bring back the old MySpace style. Now get back to customizing those colorful and crazy profile pages!


Gaia Online

A place where users can mingle with others and chat in a virtual 2D environment using an "avatar" to represent one's self.



Google+ is Google's 4th attempt to launch a popular social network after Google Wave and Google Buzz failed to take off, and Orkut only gained momentum in India and Brazil. Google+ operates similar to Facebook in which users can post status updates, share pictures, chat, etc.



A site dedicated to social networking for businesses, co-workers, and other professional related networking.



Mixi is limited to Japanese only residents. Users can share blogs (known as a Diary's), send email, join communities, etc. As of May 2008, Mixi remains the #1 social networking site in Japan. As of July 2010, there are more than 30 million users registered with the site.



One of the earliest and largest social networking sites created after and before Facebook; Myspace was opened for business in August 2003. Users can post status updates, post pictures, chat, make music playlists, etc. In 2012, singer, Justin Timberlake, and Specific Media Group purchased Myspace and revamped it. In February 2016, Myspace was purchased by Time Inc. In 2015, it was reported that Myspace was receiving 50.6 million unique hits to their site every month.



Orkut ( was created by a programmer at Google named, Orkut Büyükkökten. The site was very popular in India and Brazil. Users could post and share videos, chat, create polls, share files, etc. Google decided to close the site in September of 2014.

In 2016, Orkut Büyükkökten, announced that he had created a new social network to replace Orkut called, Hello. Hello is accessible via mobile app that's available for Android and iOS.

Second Life

A virtual 3D community where users create an "avatar" to represent themselves while "in-world". Second Life differs from other avatar based sites, whereas Second Life (otherwise referred to as SL), is a completely 3D immersed site - meaning that there is ground, sky, water, environments (like rain, snow, etc.), and users move throughout a world (also known as a grid) to communicate, explore, and interact with other users. Users' can remain completely anonymous to who they are or they can share as much personal info that they want in their profile. A basic account is free, while a Premium account is needed to take full advantages of the site.



A site dedicated to micro-blogging where users can share status updates and web links, and "follow" other users. Twitter is mostly popular for the large number of celebrities and politicians that use it on a daily basis to share information with the public and their fans.


Vampire Freaks is a site dedicated to users that are a fan of Vampire and Gothic culture. A basic profile is free, but a Premium membership is needed to take full advantage of the site.


© 2017 Cleo Addams


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