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A List of the Best Blogging Sites Beginners should consider

Updated on November 21, 2015

What to consider when picking a Blogging Site

I am a firm believer in trying before buying. This is the primary thing I tell new bloggers. Whether you want to blog to make money or not, this should not be a factor. Before you make any investment in your blogging venture, I would suggest you start with a free blog. Yeah, it's true, it's more difficult to get readers to a free blog, but it is not impossible, not in the least. It will just take a little more time and effort and thought in the process. There are a lot of blogging tips for beginners out there, and I would suggest you read them, before you make any final decision.

But I have gotten a little side tracked. Money is one thing I would consider when picking a blog site. If they want to charge you, I would look in a different direction.

The other things to consider is popularity. A well know site is going to be more easily accepted over something nobody has ever heard of.

And ease if use is extremely important. If you don't understand how to use the site, you will give up. I have done it countless times.

Blogger is still a very strong platform
Blogger is still a very strong platform | Source


Blogger is generally my go-to free platform for building blogs. I would suggest this one first to all beginners. It is easy to use, it is connected to everything Google, it has popularity, and it is even owned by Google.

Blogger has a lot of templates to choose from, they are easy to set up, they give you the option of monetizing the blog, and they have all the Google analytic information built right into the blogs. All this makes it hard to beat.

The biggest issue I have with blogger is SEO options. I find it limited. But, I am not really convinced that SEO is the most important thing to consider while building a blog. Content is way more important, and often, when you start digging into SEO, you might find yourself tempted to do things that could actually hurt your search engine rank.

Again, Blogger would be my blogging site beginners should consider first.

Blogger Tumblr or Wordpress?  They are all strong options
Blogger Tumblr or Wordpress? They are all strong options
Wordpress is a strong competitor in the free blogging world
Wordpress is a strong competitor in the free blogging world | Source


Seriously, it is hard for me to say that Blogger is better than Wordpress. Wordpress is maybe the easiest platform to use. It offers countless templates, even for a free user, and it is super popular, meaning there are tons and tons of add-on options for your blogging needs.

But, in my mind, free Wordpress had a huge deficiency. I can't use Adsense on them. It's not the end of the world, there are other ways to make money with a blog other than Adsense, so I still consider Wordpress highly when I am starting a new blog, and will continue to do so.

They are optimized better than Blogger, and the themes are more reader friendly than Blogger. So, even with the fact that I cannot Adsense a free Wordpress, I still look at it as a very close second to Blogger.


Tumblr has always been a bit of a mystery to me. I'm not saying I don't understand how to use it. I am saying, it is hard to really see where tumblr falls. It's kind of a blogging site, but at the same time, its kind of like a social media website.

I guess it is a hybrid of sorts. But, in general, Tumblr is easy to use and is and has been very popular for quite a few years now.

It is generally user friendly, you don't have to make any real decisions, so it leaves you free to just type your heart out.

Your not going to really make much money directly with Tumblr, and you are not going to have much SEO options with it, but it is just a no frills, no fuss place to blog. I suggest this one most, if you have no interest to do anything but type away, and make some friends along the way.

It's more of a fun place to be. It just feels less serious than sites like Blogger or Wordpress. Not that it is, it just feels that way to me.

Live Journal

Live Journal is a contender in this free blogging battle. It has a super strong following, and it has been around for a very long time. There are people out there who have been extremely successful with a live journal blog, and should be a consideration if you find Blogger and Wordpress not to your liking.

I compare it to those to because I look at it as a true Blogging platform. Not a hybrid social media mix like Tumblr or Medium.

If you want to blog, and you do not think Blogger or Wordpress is a fit for you I would suggest you go and visit the folks at Live Journal. It is an easy to use platform, you have some decent options for appearance and there is a pretty big community over there. Any questions you may have, you should be able to find someone to answer for you.

Live journal blogs look very clean to me, and that is very important in readership, and return visitors. If these things are important for you as well, you should probably consider LiveJournal as a blogging site for you.

I'm not saying that Live Journal is like the stepchild of the bunch, but just that other blogging platforms are generally viewed as better, both Blogger and Wordpress are going to give you more options and a stronger overall platform.

Best blogging sites beginners should consider

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In Conclusion

At the end of the day, the choice is yours for what blog site you should consider. I hope that this Hub gives you some options to consider. I believe that all the blogging platforms listed have good and bad. None of them are perfect, and that is part of the price you pay for using a free platform. If you want everything just as you want it, your best best will be to start a self hosted Wordpress Blog. It gives you pretty much the best of all worlds. But, it's not free, and that should be a big part of the consideration.

If you want a free blog with the ability to put Adsense on it, use Blogger. It is fairly easy to use, popular, and has Google backing it.

If you want options and options and more options, use Wordpress, it gives you everything you might want.

If you want a social media twist, use Tumblr, or Medium

If none of those give you what you want, I would suggest Live journal.

I hope this has been a helpful Hub. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Please comment and let me know what you think, what you think I should add, or remove, and if there are other blogging platforms you think I should consider. I am always looking for new places to write, and would do my due diligence in determining if suggestions should be added to this hub.

I would like this hub to be an organic hub, always growing and changing in order to keep up with the times and the moods of the bloggers out there in the world. Stale information becomes useless and that is something I would prefer not to see happen to this Hub.


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      Aliakbor mahmud 3 months ago from dhaka

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