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A Quick Guide to Tenda’s Home Page

Updated on September 8, 2016

Tenda is a company selling networking and internet solutions for both home and business use. They offer a wide variety of routers, switches, range extenders, adapters and hubs appropriate for any purpose. They have a website which can be accessed at When you are having a hard time looking for a page you want to navigate to, you can use this quick guide explaining their menus and important pages.

For Home Menu

At the top of the page, you can find this menu which lists all networking devices needed to install a home computer network. When you put your cursor over it, submenus will appear. The “Wireless Router” menu will direct you to a page where they have listed all their router products and the “Range Extender” menu and other menus do the same. From these options, you can easily navigate to what you need to buy. When you are directed to the list, all the product details are already there including the specifications, description and price. There is also a buy now button, when pressed will lead you to an order form.

For Business Menu

Same as above, this menu is found on the top of the page just next to the For Home menu. The submenus on this option are other miscellaneous needs of business offices. The basic devices are already listed on the For Home menu so you can select it otherwise if you are still looking for routers, hubs, switches or range extenders.

5 stars for Tenda Website

Support Menu

This menu is usually useful to returning visitors who are having problems with the product they have bought. First time visitors are also welcome to visit this page but if I were you, I will just use their Live Chat which is another menu located on the same top of the page. The support page when opened has other links such as: Download Center, Frequently Asked Questions, Tech Support Forum, Contact Technical Support, Compatibility List, Driver Download, GPL Code Center, and Replacement and Warranty (shown on the picture).

  • Download Center

This page lets you select for the type of product you want to download (e.g. drivers, user guides, utilities). There is a drop down menu where you can select the product if router, switch, hub or others and the model then click on the Go button and wait for the page to reload. From the list shown, you can now select what you need for your device.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

On the frequently asked questions page, there is a list of topics you can choose from. You may also want to use the search bar located on the upper portion (see picture). Type your questions on the search bar and click on the Go button. There are also categorized topics on the left side of the page for easier navigation.

  • Tech Support Forum

If you cannot find the topic you need on the FAQs page, you may want to visit the Tenda Tech Support forum. You may start a new thread on the General Discussions category. There are earlier posts of other users also which you may use for reference.

  • Contact Technical Support

The technical support team is always prompt in answering questions. If you cannot find the answers to your problems on the FAQs page and Forum page, then contact the tech support team and raise your queries. They have a live chat and they will answer your questions fast.

  • Replacement and Warranty

If you want to check their warranty and replacement guide before buying their product, you may visit this page. It contains all the information you need to know and will help you decide if you will be contented with their terms in case you want to buy a product.

Tenda’s website has no other technical issues and loads in any browser. Slow internet connection is also not a problem because their site loads fast. One thing to consider in buying technical device also is if they have a user-friendly product. With regards to support, their live chat is an asset to their site and the team is prompt enough to answer your queries.

At the footer of the page, you can see links to the company’s profile, news page, awards they have received and social media buttons you may want to check out too if you want to know more about the company and its credibility.


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