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A Review of TeenagersRealEstate

Updated on September 16, 2020
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Tamara Wilhite is a technical writer, an industrial engineer, a mother of two, and a published sci-fi and horror author.


I first learned about from a warning by Hubpages that my content had been copied. The site had copied one of my Hubs down to the very images I'd used in my Hub (for which I own the copyright) in "his" review of Lifestyles Unlimited.

Tamara Wilhite owns the rights to this image and has used it in dozens of articles.
Tamara Wilhite owns the rights to this image and has used it in dozens of articles. | Source

My Experience with Teenagersrealestate

My initial experience with teenagersrealestate was bad, since he copied my Hub Lifestyles Unlimited Two Day Course Review verbatim. It was amusing he listed a 2015 "copyright date" for the content, though the article was originally published in 2014. Making things worse, he also took the images off my Hub and used them.

What was more egregious is that this investor site also says it not only has the copyright to my work but gives others the right to email it and republish it through a widget on the website. That's like stealing from someone's house and then renting the property out to other people, making people sign a disclosure that yes, they recognize it is the thief's property.

Compounding the problem is the sheer difficulty of getting a hold of them to demand it be taken down with a DCMA request. It has a clear process for signing up for a newsletter on tips, very little of which I think the website "owner" actually wrote or curated from others. He certainly didn't have my permission. Fortunately, there isn't much content on the site, so teenagersrealestate site hasn't ripped off a lot of authors.

I have sent DCMA notices to the Teenagers Real Estate website asking for my content to be taken down, and I have reached out to the blogging service where the plagiarist site is hosted. As of this writing, the content they copied without permission has not been taken down.

My Experience with Lifestyles Unlimited

I don't know if the site owner ever attended the Lifestyles Unlimited Course, though I personally sat through the two day course and a number of their evening "case studies". I am now a Lifestyles Unlimited member and would have been happy to write a unique review of my experiences upon request, perhaps for backlinks or for payment. For someone to copy my work without permission and then give others permission to copy it to get backlinks to their own site - without even attribution to me - is an affront.

Tamara Wilhite owns the rights to this image used by teenagersrealestate without my permission.
Tamara Wilhite owns the rights to this image used by teenagersrealestate without my permission. | Source

Rating for Lifestyles Unlimited

I give Lifestyles Unlimited personally 3 1/2 stars. I suspect legal rules and regulations are the reason they've had to continue to raise the prices of their higher levels of membership, but I would have given them more stars as a real estate investment education and mentoring group if the higher levels of membership didn't have such a literally high price tag (more than ten thousand dollars).

As an educational resource of how to find properties, how to estimate repair costs, lists of qualified and high quality contractors are excellent - and these are available to people at the basic entry level.

Rating for Teenagersrealestate

My rating for teenagersrealestate dot com would be negative if the rating system allowed it. I would give teenagersrealestate one star if forced to give it any stars. And only a zero steals copy without even bothering to ask a writer if they'd be willing to write about something they've written numerous articles about already.


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