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A Review of Virtual Cloud PBX services and discussion about Hosted PBX

Updated on November 5, 2014

Hosted PBX is the latest technology which is used by both small and medium based companies. It helps in cheaper investments as it works under a single service provider. Virtual Cloud PBX offers its services for Hosting PBX in Baltimore and surrounding areas. The cloud based telephone system can be accessed by employees even if they are working from home or any other place.

Hosted PBX connects all the employees of an office irrespective of their position or situation. The system can be connected with the service provider without installing separate telephone machines. It facilitates call transfer and gives a quick access to conduct conference calls among different members. The following article tries to evaluate the services provided by Virtual Cloud PBX for their Hosting PBX in Baltimore and other surrounding areas.

A brief detail about their services

  1. They have over 20 years of experience in this field and have solutions to all the customer needs.
  2. The services offered come with no-lock in for a single person. This means that the account history is available to an entire team. It would facilitate each user to solve problems of the customers.
  3. The services offered are not pressurized on the call lengths but the focus is on the key metrics of resoling cases on the very 1st call.
  4. The tool offered includes screen-sharing tools, connectivity tests to assess the quality of the service issues, and an option to integrate custom-built services.

Benefits of Hosted PBX

  1. Lower cost- The business with a hosted PBX system undergoes less investment as the system is maintained by the service provider.
  2. Work from anywhere- The employees can work from anywhere, whether they are away from office or out of the country. The communication system connects the calls from the host machine to the employee’s device and works like working from office.
  3. Local data- The hosted PBX systems help in getting local numbers of other cites even though the company is actually not situated there. This helps in getting clients in other cities and developing a client base.
  4. Easy set up- Hosted PBX systems can be set up for working very quickly. The system is less complicated compared to the traditional phone systems.
  5. Reliability- The system is reliable for small enterprises as it gives them business oriented phone systems and also makes it easy on their pockets.
  6. Efficient- The Hosted PBX system has the ability to take excess work and can expand with the business requirements.

The Hosted PBX system also has other specific features that make it more acceptable worldwide. The service providers renders in specific ideas that is suited to the business resulting in more efficiency and increased productivity. The features come for free and are reliable resources in a company’s working system. Also, the idea of working from home helps in engaging the employees to work in urgent situations. Largely, the Hosted PBX system improves the overall infrastructure of any business enterprises.

Extra Features

  • Easy to manage and does not require a separate person to work on it.
  • Can transfer calls to anywhere in or outside office.
  • Can be transferred to any platform ranging from laptops to smart phones.
  • Voicemail plus e-mail facilities are included from the system.
  • Company can be segregated by departments giving better clarity of work.
  • Music enabled when on-hold mode is active.
  • Auto record of all calls that can be used as future record or evidence.
  • Auto attendant speech can be customized as per company’s requirement.
  • Helps in increasing client list in other cities.
  • Very little hardware needed for functioning.

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How does it work?

The hosted PBX works on a very simple platform. The calls can be transferred by a designated receptionist who can connect the calls to the other departments. The calls can also be answered by an auto-voice mode that can direct the callers by making them follow few simple instructions. This can finally lead in directing to the department that the caller is seeking and the call can be transferred to the employee deployed to service the caller. This technique also works if the company has different offices at various places and the calls can be easily interconnected for fast communication.


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