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A Single Very Long Article vs. Many Short and Interlinked Articles – Which is Better, and which do I Prefer

Updated on May 28, 2013

There has been a long debate online, whether to write really long articles, blogposts, hubs, lenses or whatever, or to break it down into many small ones. Below I will show you my tactics.

First of all the length of the article or article group really depends on the subject matter. Whatever the topic is, you should always write all information about the subject, and not let your readers hanging. Whether you structure it in a group of article, really is another issue.

I tend to write long, and get down to the details and walk around all aspects of the matter. However, sometimes I just don't feel like writing long, so I just write a very tight niche article that is only 100-300 words long.

Basically, I just like my readers to get all information on one page ("so the time on site" increases). I myself am not a big fan of linking many articles in a topic together, although I know that does increase your number internal links. It just takes longer to start clicking away for the next bit of information. Another reason I prefer the long articles over the many short interlinked ones, is that when everything is one a single page, then you don’t break the chain of thoughts and the reader can go more in depth of the topic automatically, and gather everything he/she needs much faster. A long article is much more likely to attract references when people are researching online. This increases my credibility, and thus I can increase repeat visitors better. One key to writing long articles is break down the article into quickly digestible subparts, each having its own bold letter title.

So, what is YOUR opinion? Which do YOU prefer? Do YOU write short or long articles? Tell us in the comment section below!

Please, tell us which you choose? All it takes is just one click of your mouse

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