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A Trip To The Future

Updated on September 29, 2012

With today's technology, have you ever wondered or imagined living a life with all those cool stuff and new gadgets coming out on the market?

As I spent some time last night browsing online, looking for something I need, I had stumbled into cool gadgets, and my imagination brought me into the future on how it would be like living with all these stuff. I think it would be fun as people become more techy. But on the other side of it, it would make most of us lazy and probably more prone to illnesses as we tend to rely on such gadgets and won't do chores ourselves. Would you still cook meals if a robot could make it for you?

Anyway, here's how I imagine living in the future.

Living in a tree house.
Living in a tree house. | Source

First, I need a home. I think I would want to live in this one or something like this.

I always wanted to be living close with nature, with all those trees, seeing and hearing the birds as they pass by my window as I wake up every morning in my tree house.

I just wish that people wouldn't noticed my tree house if this was this white. Or, I could make it green colored and maybe a "tree" house, I mean shape like a tree so it would blend with my surrounding making it lesser for people to notice it was there.

And speaking of cars, there's been flying car designs for the future, or cars that can go on land, air, and water. But as of now I I would go with this Nissan Pivo. I could go grocery shopping, going to work, and just running around driving this cute car which 360 rotating cabin. This makes parking easier for those like me having trouble with it.

And with the robot, not only it is cute, would be nice to have someone for me to chit chat with while driving to bug me when I'm not on the mood, either depress or sleepy.

It would be a sign of laziness to rely on a robotic vacuum for house cleaning, but what would you do if you are working two jobs or 12 hours maybe, and hadn't had any sleep yet? And other chores had to be done like groceries, laundry, cooking, going to appointments, you name it.

But if that's the case, maybe a robotic vacuum would be a help. After vacuuming, the robotic vacuum would automatically go back to its station for charging.

A robotic vacuum.
A robotic vacuum. | Source
A cell phone watch.
A cell phone watch. | Source

The first time I had come across this geeky watches, I thought they are cool. So if I can have a phone and a watch at the same time, I would choose to have this cell phone watches.

Now, let's imagine wearing this phone watch, checking time in it, playing music, receiving call and SMS, and taking pictures and video.

And probably in the coming years, there would be more advance features of this watch phone which can make it more exciting to use.

Talking alarm clock anyone?

Now, there were times I had spent hours looking for talking alarm clocks as I was dreaming of have one before. But then, such wasn't included in my budget so I just relied using online alarm clock. Yes, I'm using the computer for my morning alarm clock and it does work great for me.

But then, I think it wouldn't hurt to include a talking alarm clock like Moshi in our little trip to the future. Moshi is an alarm clock that tells you what time it is, and even the temperature too. All you have to do is ask Moshi and she will speak up. A soothing sound and a night light can also be used.

"Command please"
"Command please" | Source

I could just wake up late, catch up on sleep I'm missing during the past days while the robot vacuum can do the cleaning and I had loaded the laundry.

But then, I have to eat and I could be hungry anytime soon. A pancake maybe? It wouldn't be a good idea to get up and started making my breakfast when I'm already hungry isn't it?

That's why I think this cooking robot could make a good chef and make pancakes just right when I feel hungry. It would be great to have someone in the kitchen preparing the meals, right?

Motoman SDA10, an industrial robot that relies on speech recognition technology making the Japanese pancake, okonomiyaki.
Motoman SDA10, an industrial robot that relies on speech recognition technology making the Japanese pancake, okonomiyaki. | Source

And what about a robot housekeeper and a robot teacher in the future?

All of those we only see in television and movies are all now coming in reality don't you think? Reminds me of that anime titled "Chobits" where humans live with androids. Few more years and we will be walking on the streets with robots without even realizing it was robot along with other future gadgets.


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