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A review and guide in selecting Flat Screen LCD/LED Monitors

Updated on October 6, 2010

Probably the biggest disadvantage of a CRT monitor (Cathode Ray Tube or those big bulky monitors) is that it consumes more electricity and is strenuous to one’s vision than that of the flat screen monitor which is why many computer owners are now switching to LCD monitors.

With CRT monitors going on their way out, the next generation of screen displays for computers are the LCD monitors. The Liquid Crystal Display or LCD are those flat screens that use light modulating properties of liquid crystal normally used in laptops and notebooks. Not only is it more lightweight and portable to carry around, it also more energy efficient and relaxing to the users sight.  Great for gaming as well.

As I made the switch from CRT to LCD, I went through the process of finding out what best to buy. After looking around, I got myself an Acer X203H Cbd 20 inch black LCD. Without any regrets, I would say I had a good buy on this product. It’s elegant style makes it quite appealing to look at and it’s non-strenuous resolution makes it easy on the eyesight.

Specifications :

  • 1600 x 900 resolution projects great picture quality and flawless pixel rendering; rapid 5 ms response time ensures smooth movement during videos.
  • The 50000:1 contrast ratio (ACM) radiates the brightest whites and deepest blacks giving you exceptional viewing definition to all your content.
  • 5 ms Maximum Response Time, 176° Horizontal & Vertical Viewing Angle
  • Ports: 15-pin HD-15 VGA In, DVI-HDCP Digital Video In

Acer X203H Cbd 20 inch black LCD

Here are other Flat Screen monitors that you might want to consider under $150.

Acer V173 Djb 17-Inch LCD Monitor

ASUS VW193DR - 19-Inch Wide LCD Monitor

ASUS VH198T 19-Inch Widescreen LED Monitor

This monitor is an LED or light emitting diode which has a much more vivid resolution than LCD. Which is going to be my next buy when I upgrade my computer.


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