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A review on my new Sony Blu-ray Player.

Updated on October 11, 2014

Sony BDP-S1100 Blu-ray disc player

Details about my Sony Blu-ray device.

After getting Sony points because of spending from my Sony credit card I got a good option to buy this budgeted Full HD 1080p Blu-ray Disc playback and DVD player. It is very entertaining.

It has the LAN(100) Ethernet port for internet connectivity, an HDMI output and a digital coaxial audio output port (at the back of the device). There is a USB port located on the front of the device. On the top there is an on/off button, stop button, play button and an eject button.

Once you turn it on you will notice that the interface is quite user friendly (cross media bar). When you go from right to left you have options like Recommendations, Sony Entertainment Network, Network, Video, Audio, Photo and Setup. The video and picture quality is amazing.

You can customize the audio video settings. Under the photo option you can open up a slideshow of pictures and maneuver through the photos from the remote control. The Audio option brings up options like music from your plugged in USB or you can listen to the vTuner internet radio (this is one of my favorite options, I can listen to any radio channel for free!). In the video section you can either play a video from your plugged in device, Netflix, or you can play videos directly from YouTube which is another one of my favorite things about this Blu-ray player. When you go under network you can access apps from the Opera Store but you can’t download more apps. On the Sony Entertainment Network you have apps exclusive from Sony.

The remote is pretty well designed and user friendly it took me around 5 minutes to figure everything out. It is a little different from the regular TV remotes but overall you can manage to use it without anyone else’s help..


The only negative part about this device is that it has no built in Wi-Fi adapter you can only get internet through a wired Ethernet connection.

I have been using this for over a year now and it’s a great device to have especially if you are on a budget because you can get a lot of entertainment from one device.


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