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A seven year Old, and a Dumb phone

Updated on July 30, 2012

What's Wrong Lima Bean?

So this cute little girl I know, We'll call her lima bean, cause it rhymes with her name, lol. Well, she is a technology Guru at age 7. She's got the iPod, and she can use any smart phone you hand her. At this point she may have a serious future in IT. Anyway, I sold my smart phone " Big Mistake" Have you tried to use a basic phone after a smart phone? It's ridiculous hard!! So I feel most the time like throwing this piddly phone through the wall, not at the wall, through it! So anyway, I won't of course. But it cracked me up because Bean always likes to play with my new tech toy of the year. And when she saw it she was like, what is that? Is that a droid. And I was like no honey, this is a dinosaur LOL. I didn't actually say that, but I told her it was an older phone. And she said, can I see it, I can use it. So I said ok. I handed her the phone. She didn't have the slightest idea what to do with it. She started touching the screen of course, and it wasn't doing anything. I told her it wasn't a touch screen and she looked at me like I was a lunatic. As if to say " Not a touch screen?? How quaint!! " lol So anyway, she said, well, does it have a keyboard. So I slide it open to show her the keyboard and I said it doesn't work right. She seemed confused. I mean, it's not like you can break an onscreen keyboard, unless you actually break the screen. So she said, what do I push to call. So I showed her how to scroll through the numbers and then I said you push the green button. She said Oh. And then handed me back the phone. ROFL! I think me and her have the same idea that basic phones are not our friend!! I loved it!


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