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AC97 Audio Drivers

Updated on June 21, 2010

AC97 Audio Drivers

Developed by the Intel Architecture Labs in 1997, Audio Codec '97 (AC97) is Intel Corporation's Audio "Codec" standard used mainly in motherboards, modems, and sound cards. AC97 defines a high-quality audio architecture with surround sound support for the PC and is used in the majority of today's desktop platforms. As the AC97 is an onboard solution, locating the drivers specific to your system can be difficult.

It can be a mess in there!
It can be a mess in there!

Locating Drivers

The most tedious way to locate the driver for your system is to go to your motherboard manufacturers website. You will need to know your motherboard, modem, or sound card model and then locate the drivers page for the sound device on the manufacturers website. Once you have found the correct page, after digging through many pages full of promotions for their latest devices, there will typically be a download section containing relevant drivers for your device.

This can be especially exhausting if you don't know your motherboards model. Now, a bit more work is required. You will need to open your computer case and actually look for a sticker or imprint on the device indicating the brand, model and version. Now take that information and use the above method again to locate the driver.

Sometimes the manufacturer stops supporting your device or its software becomes almost impossible to find. What good is a computer without sound? You could attempt to Google the correct driver for your motherboard device, sifting through millions of drivers' pages and false listings. However, in the process, you may try several drivers that would deter a successful installation!

The New Solution

If you want a fast solution to finding your AC97 audio drivers then you are in luck. Thanks to the advances of technology there is now a program capable of scanning your computer, identifying all of the devices and locating the most current drivers for each device in a couple of clicks! Literally, my 5 year old can update PC drivers! This program is Driver Detective and will save you countless hours searching for drivers for your system. Driver Detective accesses a massive database of over 2 million drivers for every device imaginable. Simple click to update and save your valuable time rather than spend countless hours hunting drivers..

>> Download Free Driver Scan! <<


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