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Adsense Approval Model - 6 Proven Steps

Updated on April 16, 2017


Are you tired of seeing your application of AdSense disapproved each time you apply? And you continue to resubmit your application with only continued disapproval from AdSense as a result; then it is not YOU not knowing about AdSense, it is the process you follow to obtain that much needed approval. They say always be on the shoulders of experts and that is what you were missing so far but luckily, I bet, now you are—surely yes, you are!

Google AdSense is the most popular advertising network in the world because simply it’s owned by Google – the global search engine. Also, it is an easy way to earn money from your online content—simply it displays relevant and engaging ads on your website and then you monetize your traffic through these ads. So every website owner, esp. new webmasters dreams of having an ‘Approved AdSense’ account. But, unluckily due to without know-how, many are resubmitting their site to Google with only ‘continued disapproval in return as a result.

Fortunately, though there’s no exact formula, there’re norms—agreed upon practices—that if followed correctly may help you having an ‘approved AdSense’ account. In my case, I had my AdSense account approved when my site existed ONLY 22 days—yes less than a month. Plus, it contained only 5 pages—but they were the ‘must-have’ pages.

This whole article is an experience I had with AdSense, so there’s a high probability chance that you will encounter the same things I encountered. Right? Here I will show you the exact steps I have taken to have an approved AdSense account.


Steps to Follow to Get Approval

One thing to remember before following any of the steps below is to have content available because it is content that you’ll monetize not AdSense itself. AdSense is a means to earn money not money itself. Though step 4 and step 5 are the most important steps in this whole process, the other steps ensure the successfulness of this model. So follow all of them but keep a special eye on step 4 and step 5.

Buy Top-Level Domain (TLD) Name and Get Your Hosting Account

This step is self-explanatory; therefore we won’t give it much detail. All you need to ensure in this step having a top-level domain, i.e. .com, .net, .org etc. Next find a hosting company for your domain. If you already have a hosted domain, just go ahead with the other steps.

Obtain New Theme – at Least a Free One Not a Default One

This is what I did to get my AdSense account approved. Use a new theme, even if it is a free theme because themes—paid and free ones—are optimized for AdSense. I’m not sure if default themes are optimized for AdSense but I had bad experience with them with two disapproval times.

Create ‘Must-Have’ and ‘Should-Have’ Pages

With some content pages to monetize—at least 3 to 5 pages—there are other two categories of pages that ensure the effectiveness/successfulness of your application; must-have pages and should-have pages.

With the recent changes of the Terms and Conditions for AdSense, Google now requires all publishers to have a ‘Privacy Policy page on their websites. This page must contain a description about the use of Google AdSense on your website. But the good news is that there’re free, online AdSense Privacy Policy generators, i.e.

Though not ‘must-have’ pages, there’re other pages that increase the likelihood of AdSense approval. These include creating About, and Contact pages. So include them in your website when you’re applying for AdSense.

Use a Domain Email with Your Gmail Account

Yes, it is true! You can use your own domain name with Gmail. That is, you can send and receive emails from an address like you[at] from inside Gmail service. To do it:

1- Inside the cPanel of your domain name, create a forwarder to send all the email received by your you[@] account to your you[@]

2- Inside Gmail, open ‘Settings’ then go to ‘Accounts and import’, and then click on ‘Add another email account’ you own.

3- Put your you[@] there, and follow the steps until Gmail says it will send you a confirmation code.

4- That confirmation code should appear in your Gmail inbox (as you’re forwarding all email on your you[@] to Gmail already). Put that in the confirmation box and that is it.

Apply for AdSense Using Your Domain Email

It is the time of the reason you’re reading this article—having an approved AdSense account. But no need to feel any pressure; you’ve already done all the basics—the fundamentals to have an AdSense account.

But there is a simple tweak here to make you look like a professional webmaster applicant—use your domain email when you’re applying for AdSense. In this step, I am assuming that you already know how to apply for AdSense; the one thing to make sure is using your domain email instead of your Gmail email account.

Some people argue that this step is not possible since google requires only
a Gmail account when signing in. But take my word: I've done it. There's no more theoretical argument if it can be done practically.

Therefore, this is the trick:Since you connected your Gmail account with your domain mail, use this domain mail when signing in. Because they're connected, it automatically goes through.

Boom! You’re on Your Way to Get an Approved AdSense Account

Since you have forwarded all emails on your you[@] to Gmail already, all messages from AdSense will be available on your Gmail inbox. SO CHECK THERE for any AdSense-related messages. It is only a matter of time when your account will be approved—sure only a matter of time. Just show patience during this time. And ensure to have what you will offer as content when your AdSense account is approved.


Are you having a difficulty with AdSense approval process?

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New webmasters and some veterans believe that getting an approved AdSense account is almost difficult if not impossible. But that is how they believe not how the reality is. Getting an approved AdSense account is surely easy if you take the right path.

On the other hand, having an approved AdSense account does not make any sense if you don’t have the content to monetize. As we said in the introduction, it is the content that will make you money; AdSense is a means to earn money much like a tool.


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    • mmuse profile image

      Mohamed Muse Hassan 3 years ago from Mogadishu, Somalia

      One further note Mr. Monsur: Sign up Adsense with the domain email. Don't apply with your current gmail address.

      I'm happy if this now helps.

    • mmuse profile image

      Mohamed Muse Hassan 3 years ago from Mogadishu, Somalia

      Thanks dear Abu Monsur. Yes, maybe I'm not clear in that section. But let me say it now clearly: If you have your own domain and hosting, its better to apply Adsense via domain email ID. Which means, instead of applying with "," you can apply with ""

      So when typing your email during the application, use the domain email.

      Thanks. Hope now is clear.

    • profile image

      Abu Monsur 3 years ago

      Thanks for your reply.OK,If I forward my own email address to gmail,I will receive the emails sent to my own email to my gmail .But how is it related to applying with my own domain name because I am not able to use my own domain email on the application?

      If I can use my domain email,I should log in adsense account with my domain email

      Would you pls clarify it?

      Thanks again

      Abu Monsur

    • mmuse profile image

      Mohamed Muse Hassan 3 years ago from Mogadishu, Somalia

      Hi Mr. Ranjeet! I got your query and .in is a country-level domain, not a Top-Level Domain (TLD).

      But on the other hand, still you can use .in as your domain extension and still apply and monetize Adsense. It's compatible.


    • mmuse profile image

      Mohamed Muse Hassan 3 years ago from Mogadishu, Somalia

      Dear Monsur many people have asked like your question. Therefore, I've revised that section of how to sign in with your domain mail. Read it again. If there's any other question you have of Adsense, feel free to ask me. Thank you for your honest assessment of the article.

    • profile image

      Abu Monsur 3 years ago

      Great post,but I saw ''You need to be at least 18 years old and have a verified Google Account to sign in to AdSense.''

      But how is it possible to use my domain email instead of Gmail email account as on the application there is no way to use own domain email?

      Please suggest what to do

    • profile image

      Ranjeet Kumar 3 years ago

      Hi all,

      I am planning to buy a domain for blogging so i can earn money from absence, so i have select a doing which is suppose - so my question is that .in is a lop level domain or not? and can i get ads on this domain? or i try something new domain name.