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ASUS EeeKeyboard Hides a PC Inside

Updated on November 15, 2010

The Asus EeeKeyboard is really a computer. Different yes - but it is a fully functioning computer with an Intel Atom N270 processor and 1GB of DDR2 Ram. It looks like an ordinary keyboard except that there is a small touchscreen on one end in place of the number keypad.  It runs the full version of Windows XP Home on the 16GB SS (Solid State) drive and looks sleek and clean with the backlit chicklet style keys.  

It looks like an ordinary keyboard when attached to a monitor or television by using the VGA or HDMI port. It is lightweight to hold and is comfortable to type on due to its slight tilt and its separate keys.

Just looking at it you may forget that it is a PC. It can do anything any other PC can do plus some things they cannot do.



·         Two integrated speakers makes it a music player that can be moved to whatever room or outdoor space you are in. Remember, the 16GB SSD has no moving parts so there is no fear of damage from moving it while running.

·         A hotkey allows you to quickly use different monitors both hard wired and wireless as you move from one place to another.

·         The small multi-touch touchscreen mentioned before measures 5 inches so it is large enough to be useful. Use it as a controller when watching movies or listening to music. Use it as a touchpad when browsing the internet. Easy Mode lets provides you with touch to launch widgets.

·         Connecting to the Internet is easy and fast due to high-speed wireless N that searches out available networks.  Bluetooth connectivity is also available for Bluetooth enables devices such as printers and cell phones.

·         16GB storage may not sound like a lot of storage for the average computer user. No problem – ASUS gives you unlimited WebStorage for your digital photos, music, movies and data files.

·         ASUS does not skimp on what you get in the box. If you have purchased a PC lately you know that most cables and adapters are not included except an AC adapter and power cord. In addition you will also get an HDMI cable, a Mini-USB cable, an Ultra-Wideband receiver and a Wireless antenna for both WiFi and Ultra-Wideband.  A Recovery Disc is included – you know how great that is.

·         The integrated battery is rated to last for up to four hours.

·         There is a one year limited warranty with free one-way shipping is the need arises to send the unit in for repair.

The ASUS EeeKeyboard looks like a device that could fill the gap between a PC and a laptop and television. If you have a computer monitor or small television in the kitchen use it there then carry it to the den and connect to the big screen TV. Back in the office push the hotkey and use it on the monitor sitting on your desk. 

As new televisions come on the market with Internet Widgets it is desirable to surf the web as well. Those televisions do not have a browser so the ASUS EeeKeyboard would bridge that gap. This is an interesting and exciting move forward for family computing.



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    • Earth Angel profile image

      Earth Angel 7 years ago

      Thanks for the great Hub!! I love the idea of a PC inside the keyboard!! And Asus is a pretty good company!! Thanks again!! Blessings, Earth Angel!!