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AT&T Prepaid Wireless Cell Phone Plan or AT&T Contract Cell Phone Plan

Updated on April 13, 2014

AT&T Talk Everywhere You Go

Before I get started of talking about the various and many options there are to AT&T cellphones: I want to take the liberty of getting a few cellphone user annonyances off my chest.

  1. If you must talk and drive please use a bluetooth earpiece, or another hands free device. There is nothing that irks me more than drivers laughing and rattling their jaws while driving, and holding up traffic.
  2. When you are in line at the grocery mart, or shopping in any store please have the courtesy to tell your busom buddy you will call them back when you make it to the cashier. Nothing gets me more p/o-ed than someone trying to find their money to give to the cashier, and still TALKING on the phone.
  3. Most people use public transportation to get back and forth to work, school, or outdoor events, for the love of all that is holy please keep your conversation to yourself. We do not want to here what Jody did last night. There is no need to talk so loud that everyone on the bus can hear your conversation.
  4. Now this does not really tick me off, but I find it hilarious. You're in the doctor's office, or any public place you go to the restroom, and there someone in the stall trying to take a leak while talking on the phone. HA!
  5. Last but not least for individuals who want to enjoy service on Sunday, it is a distraction to hear even one ring on a cellphone. Please turn your phone off during service, or at least put it on vibrate.


AT&T Prepaid - And iGo Plans

First let's take a look at the packages and pricing for prepaid plans. Prepaid is a great way to go for controlling your monthly budget. If you use prepaid you will not have to worry going over your minute usuage. Another advantage for AT &T prepaid plans along with other cell phone provides, your bill never changes. You know exactly what you are paying each and every month, and there are no surprises

450 min. - $39.99

900 min. - $59.99

1350 min - $79.99

unlimited $99.99

AT&T also has prepaid rewards for using their prepaid cellphone options. For ever $100 you spend you receive $5, after the first $100 dollars is spent you receive $10 dollars on the next $100 increment.

If you love text messaging, or have teens within your household AT&T does offer unlimited texting with their prepaid services.


AT&T Family Plans

550(max 3 lines) $59.99 3rd line $9.99

700(max 3 lines) $69.99 3rd line 9.99

1400(max 3 lines) $89.99 3rd line 9.99

2100(max 3 lines) $109.99 3rd line 9.99

3000(max 3 lines $149.99 3rd line 9.99

The Karma

 From among the many AT&T Motorola phones offered a few are: AT&T Motorola EM 330, AT&T Motorola Tundra(TM) and Refurbished, AT&T Motorola Karma, and the AT&T Motorola Moto Global.

If you are interested in a wide range of gadgets in one place one of the AT&T phones is the place to shop. What you can expect from AT&T mobiles, Xpress mail, music player, streaming radio, XM radio mobile, address book, call forwarding, and a personal organizer.

There are also entertainment features such as games, puzzles, sports, and many other entertainment applications.

What You Can Expect To Pay

So how much will the creme de la creme of cell phones cost you. The Blackberry is being advertised for $199.99, but don't forget the rebate.

AT&T offer a wide range of Samsung phones including, Samsung A237, 9637, AT&T Samsung Magnet, AT&T Samsung Propel, AT&T Samsung Eternity, AT&T Samsung Impression, Rugby, Epix (refurbished), and the most popular AT&T Samsung Blackjack.

The AT&T Samsung Blackjack II is faster, and has a sleek appeal for those who are tech savvy you will enjoy all the features such as voice GPS, the 3G Network, camera phone, includes all of the email & text messaging options, user friendly keyboard, subscription music service available, create your personalized music play list.  Endless amount of graphics to choose your favorite theme background from a host of celebrity graphics included.

The Blackberry Features

Yes the Blackberry, having a Blackberry equates to being successful, smart, intelligent, and a certain amount of business smarts. I never I thought I would see the day a phone could do more, or just as much as your notebook.

With Smartphones there are just about every application, facebook, twitter, myspace, and just about every social network that's on the net.  Some of the newer features include a digital compass for people such as myself getting lost is an experience of the past. A note of caution with this new feature magnetic fields can affect the reliability of the directions you are receiving.

The cut, copy and paste is another feature being advertised on the iPhones.  You have the ability to cut, copy and paste from the internet.  You may also use this feature in between various applications.

Many smartphone users enjoy the messaging features, being able to send video, photos, and text messages is faster and easier on the iPhone 3G.


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