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AT&T’s iPhone vs. Voyager Phone by Verizon

Updated on January 8, 2011

One of the hottest phones on the market right now is AT&T's iPhone. With a sleek new design and an innovative approach to providing users with the mobile web, the iPhone not only got immediate attention but also managed to keep it after the initial hype faded away. Despite this, there are other phones on the market which may be better than the iPhone for some users. One phone that gives the iPhone a run for its money is Verizon's Voyager.

In order to determine which is the better phone for you, you'll need to do a basic comparison of the iPhone and the Voyager. Here are some of the criteria that you'll want to consider:

  • Carrier. The first major difference between the two phones is that the iPhone is an AT&T phone and the Voyager belongs to Verizon. If you have a strong preference for either carrier, that's going to heavily influence your choice.
  • Size. These are both small phones but the iPhone is thinner the Voyager. If this makes any difference to you then you can tally one up in favor of the iPhone.
  • Touch screen. Put simply, the iPhone has an awesome touch screen which is getting increasingly popular as people start to use mobile broadband Internet. The Voyager doesn't have it (or not much of one anyway). Some people prefer the Voyager because they're used to using a keyboard and prefer to keep things that way.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity. If you need to get online with your phone then the iPhone is the clear winner here.
  • Call quality. People generally say that the most outstanding thing about the Voyager is that it has superb call quality. If you're always on the phone in different places and need to make sure that you don't lose any information to background noise, you might want to go with the Voyager. The iPhone reportedly has good call quality but not the outstanding level of the Voyager.
  • 3G. One of the biggest reasons that many people have stuck with the Voyager is because it's 3G. However, the new iPhone is going to be 3G so if that's what you're seeking, you may just want to hold out for the new iPhone.
  • Music. If you love your iPod then you're probably going to love your iPhone for the music features that it supports. However, if you're more interested in a diverse music player then you might find that the versatility of the music on the Voyager is better for you.
  • MMS. The Voyager has all of the basic phone features that you've gotten used to in recent years such as multimedia messaging. The iPhone doesn't offer these basic features so you might find that you actually like the Voyager better.
  • Bluetooth. One of the biggest complaints about the iPhone has been that there's no Bluetooth headset. The Voyager has one so if you love your Bluetooth then you might be a Voyager fan.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are going to be new versions of these phones released before too much time passes. That could change up the game. If you're not in the immediate market for a phone then you may want to see what's better in the next round of releases.


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  • recoveringredneck profile image

    Tonia L. Clark 

    10 years ago from Idaho

    All very valid points. I was "window shopping" at an AT&T store and noticed they came out with the "Tilt" which looks very similar to the Voyager but I liked it a lot more so than both the IPhone and the Voyager. The features are pretty impressive including 3G. My guess is that AT&T came out with the "Tilt" to compete with the "Voyager" for those who weren't impressed with the Iphone it's a good substitute. Supposedly AT&T is coming out with a way to insure their smart phones (ie. blackberry, Iphone, tilt etc) they haven't been insured in the past because they way they look at it why would they replace a phone that costs hundreds of dollars retail for only $50? So I was told they are coming out with (if they haven't all ready by now) a two tier system that will have a higher monthly fee and a higher deductible to replace any lost, stolen or damaged phones not covered by the manufacturers rebate. My friend dropped her Iphone and the glass broke on it and it cost her $100 to repair it. It was pretty new too.

    When you say the iphone has no bluetooth headset, does that mean its not compatible or that it doesn't come with one? I assume you meant that it's not compatible. Perhaps the new version will be. Either way I have a hard time putting down that big of chunk of change for a phone knowing I couldn't get it replaced without paying the full retail price.....OUCH!

  • profile image


    10 years ago

    Great info - I'm thinking of buying a new phone - your hub was really helpful! :)

  • Ponderize profile image


    10 years ago from California

    Great review. Good to know there are other quality products out there worth checking out.


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