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Not the suitcase anymore but lightweight screen

Updated on April 26, 2015

Everyone has a laptop, not only that, but it's being carried with them everywhere.

You might say this is an old story by now so what is new, communications and technology are becoming user-friendly by the day? Well yes, but it struck me the other day, that many people increasingly come in with their laptop computers, and the use them.

Great, excellent, eventually, we can call ourselves as part of the technological society that each official, tech guru, businessman and activist keeps ramming down our throat.

This is certainly was not the case a few years ago when computers were for want a better word were immobile fixed property. Now they are still property but are becoming more and more mobile.

Hold on its really slightly more than a few years ago, surely slightly longer because the laptop fad really started to increase in geographical spread after the year 2000.

Don't forget as well as it became less cumbersome and heavy, people started to carry it more and more. I remember in 2004, I was given a laptop that weighed more like a ton, together with what seemed like its huge adopter.

Today in 2011, if you look around, you can get really slim laptops, not as light as a feather but nearly. My present mini-laptop, which I carry around every weights slightly more than a kilo, and if I shop around I am sure I can get less heavier as well.

And don't forget I am talking about Amman, not New York, Chicago, Dallas or even London, Brussels, Kuwait, Bombay, or Brisbane. It's laptop galore for everyone as we really live in a global supermarket today.

I come to the library, which is already equipped with roving internet PC's, thinking I am one of the few with a laptop, and get a pleasant shock. No, I am not the only technological whizz kid around the block.

Everyone has them. Like me, they come in take a vacant desk, unfold the PC, and begin to click and clutter on the built-in keyboard.

In fact they do stuff, which I can't do. Other than to search the internet for news and info, I simply use my laptop as a word processor which might be a real shame because of its increasing functions.

But I think, I am satisfied. Hold on somebody just sat next to me with a laptop, and another one and another one.

After a minute or two everyone is a the keyboard, totally engrossed in their screens.


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    • marwan asmar profile image

      Marwan Asmar 6 years ago from Amman, Jordan

      Cheers Shaun

    • Shaun75 profile image

      Shaun75 6 years ago from Edison

      In present era, Gadgets are our part of life. Everyone depends on such kind of gadgets like mobile, laptop, mp3 players and many more. I voted up for this techy articles.

    • icciev profile image

      icciev 6 years ago from Kuwait

      technology is becoming part of our daily lives, when I was at the college I was so angry from my brother how is always setting on the laptop playing games, after graduation all my work activities are being done through the laptop and I slowly started to spend the whole day on it, similarly smart phones like iPhones started to take the same role in our lives. thanks for sharing this useful hub, voted up.