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Able Planet Sound Clarity Infrared Wireless Headphones

Updated on September 22, 2009

When it comes to anything technological these days, it would appear that anything wireless is “good”.  Now that we live in an age where almost everything is Bluetooth compatible, it is hard to believe that most of us still go with wires attached to our headphones.  It makes we wonder why those iPod ads still have silhouettes with wires attached to the earbuds.  It’s like all that dancing they are doing is going to choke themselves. 

Fortunately, Able Planet is on the scene.  I have reviewed their Clear Harmony Noise Cancelling Headphones before, and the Sound Clarity Wireless Infrared Headphone gives equally great sound because it uses Linx Audio. 

The Linx Audio is the proprietary technology of Able Planet, which has been designed to enhance sound quality and speech clarity for people with all types of hearing.  It “creates a live experience with full rich bass sounds and clear high tones”.  It has high frequency harmonics, filters out undesirable sound, and it reduces distortion. 

Yes, I am quoting from the company when I say that.  However, it should be known that the sound really is worth talking about.  It is also worth talking about all the awarads that this product has won including CES Best of Innovations 2006 and Design and CES Engineering Showcase Honors of 2007. 

Oddly enough, Able Planet did not go the Bluetooth route when it came to their Sound Clarity wireless headphones.  Instead, they included an Infrared transmitter that looks like it should be on Cyclops, the leader of the X-men.  It uses red and white audio wires to plug into the transmitter, and then the other end plugs into the headphone jack of your laptop, television, stereo, as well as your iPod or other MP3 Player.  The transmitter plugs into the wall, so I guess the headphones aren’t wireless in the sense that some outlet is not required.  (Please don’t take that last sentence as a negative criticism of this product, because the plug-in transmitter is necessary to get it to work so well.)

As for the headphones themselves, they receive the signal carried out by IR transmitter, and are powered by 2 AAA batteries that are capable of 50 hours worth of power.  There is a power button when they are not in use, and a volume control as well.  The padded earmuffs provide comfort for the eardrums. 

If you are interested in seeing these in action, I took the liberty of doing a video review of these that you can watch below.  You should be able to get these headphones for about $129.99 off the Able Planet website.  They come with the IR transmitter, a handy hard shell carrying case. 


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