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Acase Leather Flip Book Jacket Folio iPad Case and Stand

Updated on May 12, 2013

Need a case for your iPad? How much are you willing to pay for it? Are you looking for a bargain? An inexpensive iPad case is almost an oxymoron but don’t give up, there are affordable iPad cases. One example is The Acase Leather Flip Book Jacket/folio. It looks good, functions well (iPad case and stand) and produces high praise from many users.

The Acase Leather Flip Jacket/folio is made of leather and fits in regardless of where you take it. The simple and professional design works in the board room or the home office. Its versatility can take it from hours of lounging on the couch playing games to watching a movie during a long flight or layover at the airport. If you prefer standing out in a crowd and saving a little money, choose the red version (imitation leather). If you prefer to just stay above it all, spend a little more and chose the black version (genuine leather).

Acase Imitation Leather Flip Book/Folio for iPad

The Acase leather cover is soft to the touch and has a bit of padding which adds a little thickness to the overall package. Although it is soft to the touch it is sturdy enough to protect the iPad Touchscreen.

According to some users of the Acase Leather Flip Jacket/folio the description of leather is a loose term although other users report that the leather is high quality. The leather appears thin and lacks the weight and appearance of cowhide leather. However, it is difficult to judge the quality of leather by looking at or even touching it. I have a painful example. The leather steering wheel in my high quality car has split and peeled relentlessly. I could purchase multiple replacements for a worn Acase Leather Flip Book Jacket/folio for much less.

Many imitation leather products are durable. Often it is very difficult to distinguish an imitation leather to a genuine leather.

Ports and buttons necessary to operate the iPad must be available while inside a case. The Acase Flip Book/folio iPad case leaves it all accessible. The top corners of the iPad fit into the top corners of the Acase. There are two elastic straps that cover the bottom corners of the iPad. While in the Book/folio position the iPad fits flat inside the Acase. While used in one of the viewing angles the Acase bends to sit the iPad upright. While closed the snap tab securely keeps the Acase closed. The video below describes the Acase in detail.


The Acase Leather Flip Book Jacket/folio has built-in features that make it more than just an ordinary iPad case. A wide elastic strap serves as a way to attach it to the headrest of a car. By simply stretching the elastic strap over the headrest the iPad is held securely while a passenger in the backset watches a movie or video. Integrated slots allow for 4 different levels viewing. Set up in uncomplicated. Unsnap the strap; open the Acase, allow the Acase to fold into its natural position and adjust the iPad to the desired viewing angle. Acases’s style is that of a book cover so it has a natural feel in the hand. The iPad, among all of the things it does, is an e-Reader. The Acase Leather Flip Book/folio can be held open just like your favorite novel or the front can flip backwards to lay flat against the backside of the case giving it the feel of using a tablet.

The Acase Leather Flip Book Jacket/folio can be found at amazingly good prices considering the features that it posesses. Instead of searching for a cheap iPad case it is better to search for a quality iPad case at a great price. Before you spend $500 - $900 for an iPad consider that there will be extra costs. Protect the investment with an iPad case that will protect it on an everyday basis.



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