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Updated on April 13, 2016

Enabling, empowering - an assitive technology solution

The potential to give access to many disabled users through Assistive Technology is amazing. From speech input and output to eye- gaze it is clear that we have Assistive Technology (AT) that truly provides access for many different disabilities.

Cerebral Palsy- from the use of switches to sophisticated eye gaze systems users can access a computer system to write,play and be creative using drawing and photographic as well as video and film making. The virtual world has opened up for many physically disabled users.

Dyslexia - the use of grids to enable young dyslexics to see a word they can use and have it spelt accurately shows their ability not their disability. Word prediction in a drop down menu enables users to find a word . It works quicker to see a word than to listen for the right word In my opinion. Speech recognition which through mobile devices such as the iPad can be so portable and easy to use and without the need for training is liberating indeed! Speech recognition and word prediction would need access to wifi to be used on a mobile device.

Autism - AT provides an interface between the world of the autist person and society. Communication via symbols and the predictability of the IT being used lessons anxiety and stress and improves social communication using apps on a mobile to playing within a safe protected browser such as Zacbrowser.

Learning difficulties - AT provides avenues for communication, learning opportunities, predictable and supportive outcomes through bite-size chunks. Engaging and motivating and customisable to the level of ability of the user. This is its power and its potential.

The workplace is also a place where AT can not only meet an individual need of disabled person but can also can the culture and offer opportunities for the business world. Barclays Bank are a prime example of this as they began by training staff to be more "disability aware." Then moving on to making the means of getting money more accessible to the visually impaired by having talking cash points ( but not the PIN numbers!) , wearable technology for contactless payment and generally being more accessible to all members of the public.

So why do few major companies and multinationals do more to give the whole of society which includes the disabled more AT within their organisations? Advice on this and other areas such as education is the work of AccessAbility Solutions ( .We provide a cost effective, personal and friendly solutions. Why not visit our blog? Or drop us an email at to discuss your requirements? We consult, assess and provide training to disabled people, groups, companies,charities, parents and professionals in the education area as well

AccessAbility Solutions - here to help!

"Enabling, empowering access for all," is our mission statement .
"Enabling, empowering access for all," is our mission statement . | Source

AccessAbility Solutions - what we can do for you?


With over 10 years experience in a local authority advisory service AAS can help raise achievement for individuals, give advice on special needs and ICT, provide support and training to staff and help you develop your ICT SEN strategy


in order to provide a individual or group solution that works then assessment can help identify what will work. In having a specialist whose sole interest is in providing ICT SEN means you are going to have the right solution for the right individual.

Training goes hand in hand with any solution as ICT SEN hardware/software can be complex and a pathway to what that individual or group needs can save time and money.

"Enabling , empowering, access for all"

That is our aim and purpose. With no other agenda than to give you the best service and experience AAS aims to be the service you want to come back and use again and again. Any change in SEN achievement is going to be achieved through a rational, step by step, ongoing relationship and development. A progressive journey that matches the ICT to the current SEN will be your experience. AAS genuinely cares for our clients !


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