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Accessories to Match Your iPhone 7

Updated on November 3, 2016

Why am I even talking about iPhone 7 even if I still do not have one? I want to search for the best gadget that will suit my work requirements. I do not want to spend a lot of money on just anything without knowing its specifications first. I also want to know more about how I can take care of it so that it will stay with me for years. So, if we have the same reason why you were directed to my article then please just continue. For those readers who have already an iPhone 7 but are looking for ways to take good care of it, also please stay. And, before I seem like delivering a speech here, let us proceed (I hope I’ve put a smile on your faces).

Buy a gadget and take care of it.
Buy a gadget and take care of it.

My Top Picks of iPhone 7 Accessories

Tempered Glass Screen Protector – Because the first thing I would like to protect my phone with is the screen, this will be first on my priority list. Glass screen protectors are what is trending today and no, it is not the main reason why I want it too. Before I thought of having one, I also did a thorough research and wrote about it on my previous articles. Not only that they look better than plastic screen protector on an iPhone screen, tempered glass is also more durable and stronger. I have checked some sale products and saw YTBIZ anti-fingerprint screen protector. It was the cheapest among its same quality brands so far plus, I think I can get a discount because they are still new on Amazon.

iPhone 7 Docks – I do not have a car, but for those who have I am certain you will need this. I heard that most of the time, people who have cars stay longer inside their car than outside (no, I was just joking). This happens during rush hours while going to work or when going home after work. There are awesome iPhone 7 docks that are flexible and adjustable to your iPhone’s size. Do not get bored while waiting for the traffic to loosen, dock your phone and play your favorite music. Also, these are helpful when traveling because you can easily monitor the screen of your phone while navigating through a map.

iPhone Case – This is supposed to be second on my list but because I know that people with cars really need docks, that is why I left no. 2 for them. Aside from the screen protector, I will surely need a case or a wallet for an iPhone. I saw this case which was designed with a kickstand and it seems wonderful too. It serves multipurpose, I can work on my computer while chatting with clients on my phone.

Love the music but also love your ears.
Love the music but also love your ears.

Ear Pods – I love hearing music especially when I am outside. Like I said earlier, I have no car so I prefer walking and while walking, I would usually put on my ear pods to avoid the noise of cars and to be distracted from other unwanted noises (I hope you get what I meant there). I also want to sleep with the music on so I will be seeking for an ear pod that is certainly safe for sleeping.

iPhone 7 here we come.
iPhone 7 here we come.

That’s it! There are four on my list already. But why do I have only four? Because those are the only accessories I need. I find the others not that important but we have different purposes so go on and check out other accessories that might help you too!


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