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Achievements in games and in real life!-Complete all challenges and earn all points!

Updated on March 12, 2012

Achievements in game

The achievement system in games first appeared in form of secret places and items, like the warp pipe in Mario. They differed from the today's achievements in terms of giving the player advantages (more money, more weapon, more everything that's good). Today, the achievement system evolved to a phase where you don't get in-game advantages, but you can show off to your friends! They are a lot harder to complete, and the arsenal of achievement points in a game shows an increasing number nowadays. They are heaven for the hardcore players who completed the game and want some challenge and some fun too! Yes, fun is the part of achievements today as well. It is popular to give the achievement a funny name, like in World of Warcraft. The game is full of hilarious achievement names like: "Get the head of....oh wait" ( You must kill the Headless Horseman) or the "Get to the choppa!" (You must get the chopper mount). Achievements are also getting more and more entertaining, but what will be the limit? I think I have an idea of an answer to this question: Achievements in life itself.

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My dream gadget

I was playing video games for some years and I fell in love with the ones with any kind of achievement system. I just simply love those little side-quests, and I always dreamed about how this system would look in real life. I was thinking about an arm watch or phone-like gadget which tracks your achievements in your life, like get a girlfriend, make a successful business, plant a tree, or more complicated ones like get to the Moon or get a Nobel Prize (which of course will reward you more points). Yes, the reward would be points just like in video games. I was getting deeper and deeper in this idea, what about an online store where you can buy packs of achievements waiting for you to complete them, what about events, like: Green Event, you must plant at least 5 trees, pick up at least 50 pieces of trash and put them to the dustbin. If you complete all those things you will receive a background or a theme for your gadget. There would be a competition, who can plant the most trees or pick the most trash, with extra rewards. Imagine people running around completing funny achievements like shout it out loud that you're dumb, the gadget would work like Siri, reacting to your voice and thus giving the achievement if you complete the requirements for it. Maybe we could implement a program which can help you to get a job with completing a series of achievements, and by series I mean like a few hundred ones which will lead you slowly to your final destination, to be able to get the desired job. It would work like homework in school, and each achievement would give you information about the current steps and how to do it. I think it would be nice, what's your opinion?


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  • DREAM ON profile image

    DREAM ON 5 years ago

    Don't stop there.You have my mind begging for more.We all want to be appreciated and acknowledged for our hard work.No matter what it is.Why not I SAY BE THE FIRST TO BREAK ALL THE RULES!!!!Make life wonderful and good.So different than what we see and believe to be true.Great hub!