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Adesso Browser Cat 2 Button USB Touchpad

Updated on March 14, 2010

In all honesty, I cannot see an audience for the Browser Cat from Adesso.  I’m not really even certain whether why it is called a Browser Cat.  I suppose that it is a step up from a Mouse, but it’s not like this cat is chasing a mouse around the desk. 

I suppose that users who love their touchpad are probably the audience for the Browser Cat.  As for me, I never really like the touchpad, but I’m sure that there are some of you who can’t live without the touchpad.  This is a small and portable job with a thin and comfortable design for those who want to take their touchpad on the road. 

Set up for the Adesso Browser Cat is quite simple.  All I did was plug it in, and the computer was able to recognize it right away.  I didn’t have to install any special software from the CD Rom, but it did come with one. 

The Browser Cat has an area that acts as a touchpad.  About the only difference is that the touchpad seems to be specially marked for scrolling purposes.  It is designed to perform “basic mouse functions”.  The user simply glides his or her finger over the pad, and then tap on the pad to click, or use the two mouse buttons. 

If you look on the Browser Cat’s touchpad, there are labels for all sorts of applications.  On the right side is a scroll function that works perfectly for vertical scrolling.  On the bottom side of the pad is an area designated for side-scrolling, but this is only possible with special drivers. 

Speaking of special drivers, I noticed the Zoom feature and Back feature.  I wasn’t able to get those to work, honestly.  Maybe I need to download some more special drivers or something. 

In the upper right corner of the pad is a place where, when tapped, will have the same effect as a “right click”. 

Another new feature is GlideExtend, which allows the user to drag further on the pad surface, lift and reposition your finger after reaching the textured edge.  “If you are dragging an item and you reach the textured edge, GlideExtend will hold the drag function active for three seconds while you reposition and complete the drag. 

You should be able to get the Adesso Browser Cat 2 Button USB Touchpad right off the Adesso site for about $39.99. 


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