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Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Storage Services

Updated on March 3, 2015

What are Cloud Storage Services?

In this world of the internet, people are increasingly opting for cloud storage services for saving their data to off-site storage systems that are maintained by 3rd parties. With the files saved on the internet, people are no longer required to store files on local storage devices or on the computer’s hard drive. Thus, risks of losing important files and information are easily avoided by storing data on cloud storage services. Different types of cloud storage services are made available by companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc. helping users with storing important files and documents securely on the internet. Generally certain amount of space is available for free to the users and after that they are required to update so as to get more storage space as well as other features. Moreover, before choosing any of the service providers it is essential that you learn about the pros and cons of the top Cloud Storage Service Providers.

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What are the Advantages of Cloud Storage Services?

Storing of files remotely certainly proves helpful in different ways for professional as well as home users. Some of the biggest advantages of using cloud storage services are:


With the advancement of technology, people now have access to different type of gadgets for work as well as recreational purpose. With cloud storage services, people are no longer required to toggle files between different gadgets which can prove to be complex and cumbersome. Files and information can be accessed from different places provided that, there is internet connection.


When it comes to backing up data, backup tapes or external hard drives do not come for cheap prices. Apart from that, a lot of time is required for manually completing routine backups. Cloud storage services do not require traditional backup methods and offers plenty of storage space at low costs.


Businesses can benefit a lot by storing sensitive or confidential information on cloud storage services. Storing files or data locally presents businesses with more security concerns whereas encrypted data on online storage services prevents unauthorized use or access in an easy way.


Sharing an entire folder or a single file with other users can be easily carried out with few clicks of the mouse which makes it absolutely convenient and easy for the users.


The fact that data on cloud storage remains invisible from others for all purposes and intents helps to keep valuable space at office or home from getting occupied.


Automatic update of files across different devices is ensured by syncing. As a result of that, users can have access to the updated files irrespective of the device being used.


One of the biggest advantages of using cloud storage service is that it helps to add another layer of protection to the irreplaceable and precious files. Secure locations are chosen for the backups that are physically removed from originals. As a result of that, data that is kept by the users within the cloud services remain absolutely safe and secure from all types of unauthorized use or access.

What are the Disadvantages of Cloud Storage Services?

Despite, the numerous benefits of cloud storage services, there are still a few things which need to be considered by businesses and individuals before using the service.

Technical Problems

There is no doubt that cloud storage services allow people to access information from any place with an internet connection but, technical problems can occur at any time. Chances of technical issues or outages can never be disregarded when it comes to technology. Even the most highly efficient and quality cloud storage service providers run into such risks at different times.

Security Breach

Even though, it is quite hard to break the security measures adopted by cloud storage service providers but, it is not impossible. For instance, a compromise within any of the servers where the personal information of millions of users is stored can expose it to the hackers.

Speed Issue

There are times when users of cloud storage services face a difficult time downloading and uploading large documents as they tend to take huge amounts of time.


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