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Advantages and Disadvantages of using Internet

Updated on May 22, 2015

Before television and refrigerator were necessity, but now internet is a necessity. Many people just can't live without internet. If television does not work properly, then they can manage but if internet is not working properly they will get frustrated. We all know that internet is very useful to us, thinking that I have mentioned here various advantages of using Internet. Apart from advantages, there are also some disadvantages of using internet.


Advantages of using Internet

  1. Internet has made it possible to work from home. No matter where you are, if you get access to internet, then you can surely earn money.
  2. Through internet you can watch various news channels, entertainment program mes, movies, videos etc.So we can say that it is a good source of entertainment.
  3. Through internet you can do various bank transaction.
  4. Children can play online games.
  5. Internet has made communication very cheaper. With Skype, Nimbuzz, fringe etc. you can talk as much as you want with your families and friends. Even video chatting is available with this softwares.
  6. Internet has made the world smaller. Just by sitting at home, you can know what is happening in different parts of World.
  7. Through internet, it is now easy to navigate to different places.
  8. Now a days you can even study through internet. The best example is Islamic Online University. It is providing free online diploma and degree courses.
  9. With internet you can do online shopping. No need to go out of your house to buy anything.
  10. You can pay your bills by just sitting at home.
  11. You can read online books and articles.

Disadvantages of using Internet

  1. All the information uploaded on internet is not correct. It would be dangerous if people are looking for any health related issue and they come across any wrong information.
  2. Children should not be allowed to use internet by their own. They should only use it in presence of their parents or some elders.There are lots of unwanted things on internet which may harm your children.
  3. Constant playing online games on internet can affects the eyesight of children s.
  4. If children s take too much of interest in games, movies and various other stuff on internet, then it is likely to affect their studies.

So it is concluded that there are more advantages of using internet, compared to the disadvantages. And so if you are planning to take internet connection, then feel free to do it, but just be careful about your kids.


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