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Time to Move Your Business to the Cloud!

Updated on October 17, 2014

By- Simrat Singh (Sam)


Why move your business to the cloud? Well first of all it makes business sense! The Idea of Cloud computing may be hard to grasp, but it’s clear it saves users lot of money, especially small businesses including small and home offices. As the cloud computing has grown more and more business have realized its potential and invested in it and its perks to better manage, secure and support there IT infrastructure. There is a worldwide increase in the spending on cloud computing services compared to other general IT solutions.

Moving to the cloud is not as simple as eliminating your physical network infrastructure & software and move everything to the cloud hosting companies server’s, not every part of your IT infrastructure could effectively be moved into the cloud there might be some compatibility issues with the Internal software & systems and the one on the Hosting companies server, but in the long run cloud will yield more business results. Here are some common advantages your business can derive from cloud computing:

Low startup cost:

Setting up a internal application server can cost up to Hundreds and thousands of dollar, a luxury that SMBs cant afford. Thus, cloud computing is a good bet with zero dollar additional equipment investment/capital cost, all you need is a good internet connection. The monetary advantages also include complete utilizations of the hardware you need, lower power/electricity cost, lower IT employees or the IT labor cost, and lower maintenance cost, etc.

Deployment speed:

An on premise solution can takes days to be setup and deployed but the cloud solutions on the other hand can deployed in matter of seconds according to the business demand; secondly, the re-launch and update time is also low.


IT Scalability is must for any business; it signifies optimum utilization of the computing/storing capacity for a business. Today there is a fluctuating need for capacity, to avoid over capacity or under capacity and strike a balance in harmony with the ‘ideal capacity’ modern businesses must shift to cloud computing that allows you to scale up or down as budget grows or tightens and allows you to take value from the fluctuation.

Provisional capacity:

There is often need for extra capacity for temporary projects, investing in new severs and database hardware for that is just a waste of resources and sheer stupidity, cloud computing offers this feature where the users can temporary use of extra capacity without wastage of resources.

No contingency cost:

In-house backup databases & servers are the additional cost that a small business are resilient to spent, with small IT budgets and cost cutting there is almost no IT contingencies planned. But cloud computing datacenters offers the way, if an component fails or there is an equipment failure the other components & servers takes its place in fraction of seconds making data more backup secure.

Universal accessibility:

Cloud computing solutions are accessible by anyone from anywhere at any time all you needs is a stable internet connection, as its not fixed and confined to the business premises its universally accessible, making it a blessing for small businesses that are spread across a large geographical area.

Unlimited storage:

Cloud offers unlimited storage and computing capacity at practically a fraction of the cost you might incur in purchasing in-house servers, database systems, hard-drives, etc. this makes it a must for the new business that are willing to make smart investments.

There are many reasons why a business should move to cloud from an in-house IT solution but the most important is ‘If it needs to survive’, cloud computing is not just an option now, it’s becoming a necessity; with EaaS (Email as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service), Database, Bigdata solutions, etc. Cloud solutions therefore are an industry competitive need. ‘If you don’t someone will’, the value cloud offers can’t be achieved with traditional In-house systems, thus its becoming a must for SMBs and other mid-level businesses to invest in cloud and gain a competitive edge.

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