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All About Sprint Ringback Tones

Updated on January 24, 2012

In addition to ringtones, Sprint also offers ringback tones to its mobile customers. These ringback tones play when someone calls your phone. You can choose tones that play songs, comedy routines or other audio recordings.

The Sprint Digital Lounge has both ringtones and ringback tones. To get started, you should open a My Sprint online account (see Sources for link). Then, you can look for the tones you want on the Digital Lounge's "Ringback Tones" page (see Sources).

Keep in mind that ringback tones, unlike regular ringtones, play to the people who call you, not to you personally. This requires that you assign a ringback tone on the Sprint network instead of downloading it to your personal phone. After purchasing your Sprint ringback tones, you can assign them using either your Ringback Tone Jukebox or Ringback Tone Settings. Again, you do not download them like traditional ringtones. However, you have the option of managing your ringback tones either through your mobile phone or through your online My Sprint account.

There are several options when assigning ringback tones with Sprint. First, you can assign a tone to play to everyone who calls you. You can also limit it to certain callers. Instead of using only one ringback tone, you can also create a Ringback Tone Jukebox that randomly plays assigned songs or other clips to callers.

As of January 2012, the typical price to purchase a Sprint ringback tone is about $2 to $3. However, you can opt for discounts by purchasing bundled packages. These offers change from time to time, so you will have to shop periodically to see what kind of bundles are available at a given time. Typically, though, you can buy a full song or regular ringtone together with the ringback tone for a small discount. For example, at the time of publication, Adele's "Set Fire to the Rain" ringtone and ringback tone can be purchased together for about $4, which is a discount of about 45 cents. Click on the "Bundle Offers" link on the "Ringback Tones" page to find these special offers.


Sprint: MySprint Signup Page

Sprint: Ringback Tones


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    • Reegan777 profile image

      Reegan777 6 years ago from Cut Off, Lousiana

      Nice hub, I've always wondered why I sometimes hear music when calling someone.

      This hub would be even better with a picture, maybe of the sprint logo. Very informative!