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All You Need to Know About Google Glass

Updated on January 24, 2014


Being the biggest attempt to bring the concept of Augmented Reality (AR) to life, Google Glass has proved to be highly ambitious and highly successful as well.Even though this isn't the first time AR is being implemented, the involvement of Google and sincere marketing efforts have given 'The Glass' a much needed start.Launched in Feb 2013, it was made available to the developers and the users can expect it sometime in 2014.

Though it would cost around $1500 to any user, the possibilities are endless.Some may even consider it a reasonable price to live life the 'Google Glass way', while other prefer it an overpriced commodity. Later, we'll see a few pictures which will explain why Google Glass is among the greatest inventions ever.

I have listed down some of the reasons why this latest venture by Google is expected to rock your world.Feel free if you wish to add anything to the list.


1. Extremely Powerful And Compact Hardware

Google Glass is a fine example of the extent to which engineering has advanced today.The design team has worked well enough for the product to be a eye candy since the day it was launched.
Powered by a 2.1 Wh LiPo battery, the Google Glass is equipped with dual core OMAP 4430 SoC processor, 16 GB flash storage space, 1 GB memory (682 MB to the developer community), 640*360 pixels Prism Projector, a bone conduction transducer, accelerometer, gyroscope, light sensor, proximity sensor, magnetometer, touchpad, 5 MP camera, 720p video fetching ability, Wifi, Bluetooth, Micro USB connection and loads of awesomeness.
Even a guy with little technical knowledge can anticipate the complexity in assembling all of this in such a compact design.
Way ahead of its generation, the Google glass offers looking at the world from an entirely new perspective.

Google Glass Prism Projector Technology
Google Glass Prism Projector Technology

Developer Reviews

4 stars for Google Glass

2. Your Personal Travel Guide, Always

Inclusion of GPS and the Android's love for Google Maps provide the user the most efficient way to navigate.This will end the need to look down at the mobile phone or tablet every time you need the directions.Also, you don't need to align the device towards the direction of the path to really understand which way the map is referring to.Integration with the in-built magnetometer takes care of the heading of the Glass and that of the road to be taken.
This feature is expected to be especially helpful to people while driving.
No more do you need to stop driving to look at the map.It simply pops out in front of your eyes on demand.

Google Glass providing navigation assistance
Google Glass providing navigation assistance

The Google Glass Experience

3. Easy To Use Interface

All the hardware of Google Glass has been put to great use.The Glass can be accesses either by the touch pad at the side or by the voice recognition feature.
The menu on the touchpad can be accessed by swapping and tapping is equivalent to selection.Voice recognition connected with Google Now can be activated by saying 'Okay Glass' and sending the command or question.Alternatively, one can activate voice recognition by tilting one's head 30 degrees upward.The user can access all features of Glass simply by talking to the Glass.
And if you're concerned about the disturbance you would create to the nearby people while talking to the glass, you don't need to worry at all.The voice response is relayed using bone conduction through a transducer that sits beside the ear, thereby rendering the sound almost inaudible to other people.

Use Touch Pad To Access The Menu
Use Touch Pad To Access The Menu

4. Live In The Moment

Now you don't need to pose for a photo or tense about producing a fake smile to look good in the photo.No more do you need to run around for a camera or a camcorder to see your children smiling or to capture the rarely occasional happy moments you would cherish for your entire life.The days when you needed to adjust the lens of your camera and click the button to get a nice shot are over.
Just say 'Take a photo' or 'Take a video' and your best moments are safe with the Glass, that too in High Definition.Imagine the freedom and the endless possibilities offered by Google Glass.

Say ' record a video ' to record a video
Say ' record a video ' to record a video
Google Translate Integration to Make Everything Readable
Google Translate Integration to Make Everything Readable

5. Google Translate - No Foreign Language Issues

A feature specially suited for those whose like to live life on the go.Visiting new places and walking into unfamiliar regions for the sake of adventure.Now, such enthusiasts don't have to prepare an exhaustive itinerary weeks before visiting.
Google translate embedded with voice recognition brings to you on screen translation.Now you'll see the translations of what you say in any language on the screen and the translation of what any person speaks to you in an unknown tongue into your language.Know the interesting facts as well as hidden secrets, all from the placing you're visiting and not from the laptop in your room.

You don't need to learn a language to understand it
You don't need to learn a language to understand it

6. A Fine Companion Indeed

Another awesome feature introduced by Google Now, the predictive software.The Glass will know the timings of your flight and may warn you of bad traffic before you get stuck in it.It'll tell you the weather forecast before you go out for your job, so that you won't forget the umbrella.
Live scores, updates and crucial matches will be in front of your eyes.So you don't need to steal a glance from your boss to check the Los Angeles Laker's score anymore.
'Google Now Cards' remind you of your appointments, reservations, reminders and dates with your partner, in case you forget it.

Google Now Cards
Google Now Cards

7. Nice Software Compatibility

Launched initially with the functionality of integration with Android phones, the developers have extended the Glass to iPhone as well.The hardware has been configured to be dependent on the WiFi network or mobile connectivity for its functionality, which is fair and a necessary measure looking at the size of the iPhone community.When connected to your smartphone or any other device, it will provide you the same connectivity and notifications from social hubs as any other smartphone would do, without the need to constantly look at the phone's screen.

Google Glass iPhone integration
Google Glass iPhone integration

8. Low latency HUD

Unlike most of the cell phone cameras these days, the algorithm for sensing the environment to produce an interactive platform has seen several improvements to bring out the best in the Glass.Reduced lag between the data displayed by the Glass and the data perceived by the human eye will further enhance the pleasures of Augmented Reality. RPG gamers will definitely keep their fingers crossed.Motion sensing has been integrated with PS4 and XBox to give a real life feel, think of the extent to which Google Glass will improve the gaming experience.

Used for high speed adventure sports photography
Used for high speed adventure sports photography

It's just the beginning

Google Glass may be too heavy for the pockets of an average earning guy as of now.But a few years down the line, engineers and designers would definitely come up with cheaper and better models. Google seems to be the only contender for AR in the commercial market. But as with every technology, people will adopt this gizmo and improvements will follow.

All in all, it seems a science fiction life isn't far now.

Comes in various colours
Comes in various colours
I don't remember you, but my Glass does..;)
I don't remember you, but my Glass does..;)
Google Glass Camera
Google Glass Camera
I didn't wink at you, I was just taking a picture
I didn't wink at you, I was just taking a picture

© 2014 Chinmay Das


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    • chinmayXdas profile imageAUTHOR

      Chinmay Das 

      6 years ago from Mumbai, India

      @electrocrat: Thanks a lot for sharing that information. That will surely help anyone who wishes to buy one.


    • profile image


      6 years ago

      It's a bit expensive. It gets pretty warm. The commercial is not an accurate representation of the device. I have been in 3 meetings at my office where they do not want me to use them. Several people got upset at me at the office thinking I was spying on them. ..I was given a final warning about using them in the office in spite of me covering the camera lens . You CAN NOT wear them with your favorite sun glasses . But the nav is good . The apps are fair and it is cool to watch cnn on my device. 1500 dollars is a bit steep. Vuzix makes a device that is similar. But it does not use a prismatic system for display .

    • profile image

      Rahul Shakya 

      6 years ago

      The Google Glass seems too good to exist

      I am so going to have one of those

    • chinmayXdas profile imageAUTHOR

      Chinmay Das 

      6 years ago from Mumbai, India

      Thanks a lot..:)

    • profile image

      Rashil Abdus 

      6 years ago

      Really cool compilation

      Keep up the good work

    • SamCoolGill profile image

      Samir Gill 

      6 years ago from Delhi, Mumbai

      Informative hub

    • chinmayXdas profile imageAUTHOR

      Chinmay Das 

      6 years ago from Mumbai, India

      Sharing information is always great...


    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      6 years ago

      I am not that up on this type of technology yet, but your information has given me background to keep in mind. Thanks.


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