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All You Need to Know about Latest iPad 2

Updated on October 16, 2011

All You Need to Know about Latest iPad 2

There are two aspects associated with almost every product, when there are plus points, there are negative ones as well. People who desire to buy iPad 2 must know everything about it ahead of time so that they can decide that whether they should buy or not. So, just for your concern, in this piece of writing, i have decided to share some informaiton and pros & cons associated with the last iPad 2.

IPad can be defined as a tablet computer in simple words; you basically get to use a mini computer in the form of a mobile phone , that’s all iPad is all about. With iPad, you get to use a multi touch screen and this is the latest technology available after iphones in this modern era. Usually the people who have iPhones or have kept iPhones are thinking about taking another step forward by buying iPad 2. However, iPad 2 also has it positive and negatives aspects, so in the following passages, i would be elaborating both the positives and negatives of the latest iPad 2.

When we see the positive aspects of iPad 2; it sure is quick in starting up, it also lasts much longer then a netbook; these two factors sure make it reliable for me. The battery timing matters a lot that is up to ten hours easily. Overall, iPad 2 is quicker and every task can be done much faster. You can also use Netflix and iTunes over iPad 2. The touch screen is fascinating and you will simply love it.

So let’s have a look at what problems do iPad 2 carries. Videos and flash players movies or clips cannot be played on this device; there is no support for them. Camera faculties are also not available so people loving camera would get disappointment too. People who are crazy about texting should know that you cannot send SMS messages with iPad 2. People who love to make calls every now and then should know that iPad 2 does not make calls to regular phones. For me, these cons are pretty major and one should really think about investing in an iPad 2 carefully. However, it sure is a gadget of class and symbol of social status in today’s society and decide what you think will work for you.

Buying iPad 2 – A Wise Decision?

People read a lot of reviews regarding everything that they need to buy from actually buying it over the web; especially when it is something like an iPad 2. There are a lot of good reviews for iPad 2 on the internet that you might have gone through. However, before you actually go for buying this product and spend some money for th purpose; it is important that you also go through a few of the not so positive aspects of iPad 2. Do not think that I am discouraging you or I am against iPad 2; this information is just to tell you about what is on the other side of the picture and even iPad carries some limitations to it. If you think that such limitations do not really matter then have fun using your new iPad 2.

So tell me something; what really is an iPad? I would put this in simple word for you; a tablet computer is what we refer to as an iPad today. You pretty much get a mini computer in a mobile form that works by multi-touching; this is also the most superior version of iPhones today. If today you have an iPhone then purchasing an iPad would mean stepping to a higher level to a more advanced technology.

I have seen that several people choose iPad or especially iPad 2 because of the ease of its usage and the reliability factor. You will see that many reviews would emphasize on how quick iPad 2 is in starting up, it also lasts even longer compared to netbooks; this makes it more reliable. Time battery timing for iPad 2 can give you up to ten hours while usually netbooks are in done in hardly around three hours. Your tasks get done much quicker and netbooks are not that fast overall. With this being said; let’s have an eye over what are the limitations to this excellent Apple invention.

With iPad 2, forget about watching videos or flash player clips because it does not provide support for this. People who are crazy about camera would get disappointment as well because no faculties are given. If you like to text or call too frequently then another bad news my friend; iPad 2 cannot send text messages or make phones calls to regular phones. Now you think whether you should buy an iPad 2 or not because I just showed you a other side of the picture.

Accessories to Use With iPad 2

Talking about the fascination that Apple iPad 2 carries, it accessories are similarly fascinating as well. The Apple iPad 2 is a new release and it carries a few newer accessories to make things more exciting and fun for the user.

First come the iPad Keyboard that is also known as the Keyword Dock; you can now connect your iPad with a full sized keyboard and some special keys on the keyboard will make some special functions in your iPad work. You get a rear dock connecting port with this device that lets you take connection from a normal electric outlet through a USB power adapter that would create synchronization between the PC and your iPad 2.

Next in line is the iPad Case. You will see the newly designed case for iPad 2 that has a reinforced panel along with a micro interior that is pretty soft. Usually people prefer carrying their iPad 2 in this case that is made to be a big add-on in the perfection of this Apple invention. You will not only provide your iPad with good safety through this case but it can also work as a mini stand for your iPad. You can easily use this case as your iPad’s stand and make use of the on-screen keyboard; watch slide shows, and videos.

IPad 2 camera connection kit is another excellent accessory to get with iPad 2. You can avail 2-way synchronization for videos or photo between your digital camera and your iPad. You can make use of a USB cable or through SD card directly for exporting or importing photos and videos.

You should also think about getting a 10W USB power adapter for your new iPad 2. You will then have an option of charging your iPad directly through electrical outlets easily. This USB power adapter is attached with a longer cord that allows you to move or use your iPad while it gets charged. If you want to take a step higher and get more advanced with your iPad 2; Apple’s Wireless Keyboard can also be purchased. This keyboard will work through Bluetooth technology and is compatible with iPad 2. The design of this keyboard is in sleek dimensions and amazingly thin. You can simply type very easily and wherever you want with Bluetooth technology.

These were just a few basic accessories you can think about purchasing for your iPad 2. Search for more and you will get more.

Exposing Highlighted Features of iPad 2

Many people who own iPad 2 today wonder about ways on how to conserve its battery so it can last longer. Well, iPad 2 carries a battery that should give you around ten hours of back up on every single charge. However, the main factor is your own usage as well; people who like to watch HD movies on it or use heavier applications all the time should not expect their iPad battery to last for too long. Well, you sure are paying a lot of money for this invention but this does not means that you can do anything with it.

The speed of new iPad 2 is worth talking about; it is fast while starting up and almost gets every single task done quickly. Unlike netbooks that are too slow in starting and do not give more then three hours of battery back up; iPad is much reliable, easier, and faster from all aspects. Your 500 dollars are worth spending on this masterpiece of Apple Company. If your iPad’s battery is not lasting that long and you have recently bought it then try keeping your Bluetooth switched off when you are not using it along with keeping your Location service and Push Accounts feature off as well; these applications consume a lot of battery and are really heavy. People who like surfing internet on iPads usually leave their Wi-Fi on permanently; how can you expect the battery to last for long if you do this?

One great thing about iPad 2 is that it is compatible with Netflix and also iTunes so basically your need for entertainment is fulfilled easily. The text to speech feature called Voice Over and Kindle are included in iPad 2 making it easier and more fun for people who like reading eBooks. You can even view the book in two-page format making it look and feel more real. Along with being easy and reliable; the new iPad 2 has an addictive touch screen that would not let you move your fingers away for a single second. People who carry iPhones would love switching to iPad right away.

iPad 2 sure is the most attractive and stylish gadget in today’s society that can highly add up to your social style and status. Your hard earned 500 bucks would not go for a waste with this latest iPad launch by Apple for sure.

Is iPad 2 Any Different from its Previous Version?

We all know that Apple’s new launch that is the amazing iPad 2 has sky rocketed in its sales since it came out. Let me tell you; many retailers including Wal-Mart, Target, and Best Buy ran out of the stock on the very first day when iPad 2 was launched. You can imagine how many buyers would have ordered iPad 2 online apart from this. So with all this being said and iPad 2 creating so much craze in the market; is it any different from its previous version? Well, I suppose it sure it different in a few ways so lets have a look at those.

Firstly, it has greater graphics with a faster processor. Dual core or two core processors are what this iPad 2 carries in a single A5 chip. The original iPad carried an A4 processor that got upgraded in this version of iPad. You can easily notice the difference when you surf over the web on iPad 2, watch movies on it, make FaceTime video calls from it, do some gaming, and switch between various applications. It has a lot better and smoother multitasking, applications load much faster, and simply everything works in a lot better manner.

The graphics performance of iPad 2 is almost 9 times better then its previous version that means that playing games on this one is more realistic, much smoother, and of course faster. Even with a higher power and sleeker design; Apple claims that the iPad 2’s battery timing would stay the same that is ten hours; amazing. Also, the original iPad was only available in the color Black while iPad 2 is available in Black and White both; choose matching your personality. FaceTime functionality is added to iPad 2 having two cameras with it; one at the front while the other at the back. You can get face-to-face with your friends with the front camera and easily switch to the camera at the back in order to share your surrounding as well.

The new iPad 2 feels a lot thinner and lighter in your hands. Apple said that this version would be more at your fingertips then being on your hands; they made it happen. You can really feel a big difference in holding both the versions in your hand; the original iPad is around 15 percent heavier compared to iPad 2. Along with this, Apple also introduced the Smart Cover for iPad 2 in order to protect this sensitive invention.


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    • myi4u profile image


      10 years ago from United Kingdom

      FYI, you can use PhotoBooth to capture photo using iPad2 camera. Also, Skype is available now which means you can make phone calls as well as texting using Skype. Also, it plays videos, just not flash files. If you are worried about viewing youtube, there's a Youtube app, so you don't have to go through the browser.


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