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All that Twitters is not Gold

Updated on August 26, 2011

Twitter Twitter ....

Remember when you were young and your mother would tell you to switch off the television, even if your favorite channel was the news channel, because “too much of a good thing is a bad thing”? Well, mothers are a wise lot because the same thing can be said of the micro-blogging website, Twitter. While Twitter has taken the reins of the whole world, even the world’s most powerful man, America’s president Barack Obama has an active account; many have voiced concerns over the social networking website. From the minor complaints and qualms about Twitter to the more pressing life-and-death issues, I am trying to address the negative aspects of Twitter (and I promise to cover more characters than a tweet).

Twitter is for ...

Now, try typing 'Twitter is for' without the quotes in your Google search bar and see what suggestions you get!
Now, try typing 'Twitter is for' without the quotes in your Google search bar and see what suggestions you get!

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Follow me

Small groups of parents have gone up in arms over Twitter, some even resorting to using different software to block their children from accessing the website from home. Unlike conventional blogging where users are allowed to pour their heart and soul into a single entry that could comprise from a hundred to over a thousand words, Twitter users who send messages onto the website (known as tweets) are limited to a mere 140 characters per tweet. This means users often resort to shortening their tweets and using text language. Parents feel excessive use of Twitter by a young child would hinder and affect the child’s grasp of written language and have demanded an increase in the number of characters allowed in a tweet or disallow use of text language.

While some parents are angry with the micro-blogging phenomenon, parents of a young Romanian girl, Flavia Maria Boricea, has been left torn and heartbroken due to a death by Twitter. When Maria’s parents got her a new laptop, she got so excited with her new piece of hardware; she started a barrage of tweets and brought the laptop into the bathtub while she was taking a bath. The girl was electrocuted to death. Her last tweet on her Twitter page read: “Battery is running low, brb ”. The obsession with people on tweeting their every move has led to a complete compromise of safety and precaution. With Twitter now being easily accessible on a mobile phone, users have to be careful and not tweet while they are driving or doing something that is potentially life threatening.

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Even though Twitter has acquired a large horde of fans for its website and micro-blogging in general, some are criticizing the website for having too much connectivity. The huge rush and influx of new Twitter accounts lead to people accessing their page at wee hours of the morning to check updates of their favorite celebrities, friends and family. With over 40% of all tweets consisting of pointless babble, users end up wasting precious minutes of the night or day receiving updates that are not useful in any way. Users who access Twitter using their mobile phones also end up with higher phone bills since they keep accessing pages of others and updating their own page.

While some find Twitter as a mere nuisance and a fad that would die off once the next big thing arrives in the World Wide Web, the United States Army Intelligence, in October 2008, believed that Twitter was a form of a terrorist tool and used to post terrorism ideologies and fundamentals to update fellow extremists on the networking site. While the Army Intelligence news was widely disregarded, since Twitter relies on real time minute-by-minute update, it showed the possibility of a terrorist cell or an extremist group to spread its word or plan the next terrorist attack, in code, through the micro-blogging site.

Twitter may be the most popular social networking tool right this very moment and its idea of quick updates through SMS and the internet makes it easy for anyone to update their lives and inform the world through the micro-blogging phenomenon. Remember though, too much of a good thing is a bad thing and Twitter does have a lot of negative side effects!


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    • marwan asmar profile image

      Marwan Asmar 6 years ago from Amman, Jordan

      I never understood how people can be obsessive about anything. I use twitter and facebook for different things, more workreleated though, move on for a while and get back. It does get a bit tedious to continue minute-after-minute, though as someone commented people are people, it in their nature, some will continue until the next best thing comes along.

    • profile image

      mark 7 years ago

      waht kind of civilized intelligent society--would even consider using anything as dumb dumb and DUMB as twitter__--the name, the concept...are people just stupid or messed up? what is wrong with this society...fine i can get facebook being 'popular' on some level but..twitter?? I think a 4 year old came up with it or soem college student on crack...and peopel actually LIKE it and use it...and wtf??? thats like someone saying...Ok let's create a website called "let's chat" and u can chat and post about do it...and everyone is like...omg!!! let's chat?? and the news is talking about let's chat and celebs are posting on it!! yippiee!! this society is whacked seriously...i dont get it...i guess people are losing brain cells or something is going on ..

    • thranax profile image

      Andrew 8 years ago from Rep Boston MA

      Personally, I think twitter is just an option like any other website. You don't have to use it and it shouldn't hurt any one's take on language. Some people are just over the top about things.



    • NaomiR profile image

      NaomiR 8 years ago from New York

      Great hub! I can't stand Twitter and refuse to sign up for that site. I feel like people spend too much of their time these days being attached to their cell phones or computers. You can't go anywhere without seeing someone tweeting or texting or having a loud conversation, and it's so annoying when I go out with friends and they're busy doing that at dinner! It seems as if we've reached a place where we value our technological connections more than our interpersonal ones. I love going online and my cell is useful in emergencies, but I'm someone who purposely unplugs my phone so I can't be reached. I don't understand why people need to be connected all day -- are we that lonely or lacking in creativity that we need something to ALWAYS, always fill the void?

      Sorry for the rant -- obviously your topic moved me!

    • profile image

      Computer tips 8 years ago

      Thanks for the informtaion..

      I too use twitter and it is great..

    • tammyfrost profile image

      Tammy Frost 8 years ago from Oregon

      Nice article! Thanks for sharing!

    • viryabo profile image

      viryabo 8 years ago

      I always thought twitter was a waste of time!

      Great hub.

    • Simply Redd profile image

      Simply Redd 8 years ago from Canada

      Very well written and I have to agree that Twitter has many negative side effects. I have a Twitter account but no longer access it after I got a virus from a follower.

    • ocbill profile image

      ocbill 8 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      nice title and good points. The electrocution of the girl was sad to hear. mobile and instant technology all pose a threat. I don't think Twitter alone can be responsible for terrorists plots. phone calls, pagers received by groups of people could do the same thing.

    • IslandVoice profile image

      Sylvia Van Velzer 8 years ago from Hawaii

      Well taken, we will definitely proceed with more caution. Thanks for the information. Considering what is at stake, it is important for us to be in the know about the dangers that's close to home, such as those in micro blogging. We have a beautiful 5 yr old geek who is excelling in her computer class, and while it's a delight for us, our part is to guide and protect her. Thank you very much for the warning.