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Alternative Search Engines

Updated on May 16, 2012

Alternative Search Engines

Are you tired of looking at the same search engines day in and day out? Looking to get some new information? Why not try out the following unique search engines for a different perspective of what is out there on the Internet when it comes to everything from Arizona wedding photographers to zookeepers! is the best new search engine to hit the market of alternative search engines for niche topics. What is special about this search? You can find information about any topic that has been posted within the last 14 days, and only information posted in the last 14 days.

NowRelevant scans over 55 million news sources and blog feeds to find only the latest information about your niche. There is also a slider that appears after you perform your search so you can select a date range of anything from the last day to the complete last 14 days worth of data.

Learn more about the algorithm that this search engine runs off, as well as get a free report about the Internet Time Machine niche marketing software.

Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine that allows you to search and compute anything that can be calculated and computed. They have a great examples page that shows the kind of search and computational queries you can run on their site.

I personally enjoy entering date queries. Entering my birthday yields exactly how old I am, down to the number of days, and other interesting information such as notable births, deaths, and anniversaries that happened on the same date. It even shows the exact phase of the moon on that day.

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that boasts privacy for its users - if you don't want someone else's analytics to know anything about you, this is the engine to use.  

It also provides an easy to follow search syntax guide and some very unique results, such as if you search Simpsons characters.

Twitter advanced search allows you to go beyond just what has been published on webpages, news sites, and blogs and see real time conversations about any topic. You can simply search for a keyword, or go more in-depth and narrow down your search to tweets from particular locations, tweets from particular users, tweets with that are happy :) or sad :(, tweets asking a question, and much more.

If you really want to get into monitoring conversations online for your business, your blog, or just your personal curiosity, using tools such as HootSuite will allow you to organize your Twitter searches in tabs with 10 columns each.

Your Favorite Alternative Search Engine

Which one of the search engines above is your favorite when it comes to alternative search?

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    • profile image

      Service apartment south delhi 6 years ago

      Thanks for the wonderful list of various search engines. I have heard about google, bing or yahoo only but after reading this article I know more about various search engines

    • profile image

      rick mcknight 6 years ago

      DuckDuckGo is my top fav, both for usability and results.

      Another favorite of mine is Yippy

    • profile image

      josefinarguello 7 years ago

      As a concept, it has got potential - it makes searching the Internet something far more concise.

      Josefina Argüello - Alta en buscadores

    • Exterior Shutters profile image

      Exterior Shutters 7 years ago from Texas

      That first video is excellent. Anyone who counts on traffic from search engines needs to really pay attention to what Google is favoring. We will continue to see them favor Major Corporations and mainstream media and push everyone else further and further down into oblivion (because most Internet users only look at the first page of results).

      Using alternative search engines and looking further down into the results is key to preserving choice in our lives. Thanks for a great article. I'll have to really check out these specific other search engines more thoroughly.

    • profile image

      Annette Matzen 7 years ago

      Oh one of my favorite things is checking out new search engines. Seriously. I am that much of a geek! Personally I use Twitter search everyday but recently learned about Duck Duck Go (don't you love the name?). I'll be checking out the rest of these today.