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Aluminium iPhone 6 Case Review

Updated on September 6, 2015

The need for a proper case

For those of you with an iPhone 6 out there, I’m sure a lot of you have ran into the same problem that I have. I always said that I would never actually purchase an iPhone 6 because they were prone to breaking if you as much breathed on them (ok, that’s a slight exaggeration) but they are pretty delicate devices.

There’s also been an issue as well that you can either buy ridiculously priced cases from Apple directly to protect them (and even at that, they’re not the best), or you can get a rubbish generic case online or from a stall. The problem with these is that not only are they poor at protecting your iphone 6, these cases are so cheaply made that they fall apart pretty easily.

This isn’t exactly the best prospect when you’ve spent a fortune on your phone with the estimated cost of owning an iPhone 6 with the price of the contract and handset coming in at well over £600. Even if you buy it SIM free from Apple, you’re still paying at least £500 for the most ‘basic’ model. For people that are like me, i.e. droppers, it’s actually a pretty big worry about taking the phone out of your pocket when you’re outside.

I have spent countless hours searching for a case that will not only protect the phone, but also looks great and doesn’t cost the Earth. For that reason, the Otter boxes were disregarded right away, they’re far too expensive and unless you’re planning on working in a quarry with your phone, they are frankly overkill.

A case that's actually worth using

The end of my search for a premium iPhone 6 case that wouldn’t break the bank resulted from coming across a relatively new case maker established in 2012 in the UK; More-Case. The next problem I had however was actually deciding on which case to choose in the end. There are a plethora of cases available on the site, although in the end I decided to opt for the a champagne coloured brushed aluminium case. As a self proclaimed dropper, I didn’t want a case that was solely plastic like some other makes on the market, and being a British company I felt I was doing my part to help put money back into the purse.

It’s always a worry however when buying cases online and I had vowed never to do it again after a dodgy experience with a different website and the fact that you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get when it arrives through the door. Thankfully delivery was a breeze with the case coming within a few days of ordering. The case itself was actually packaged really well and protected from the normal bumps and bruises Royal Mail puts parcels through.

Anyway, the case itself looked as every bit as good as it did online, with a sleek champagne gold and black finish that complements my iPhone 6 perfectly. Whilst it does contain aluminium, it’s also got a further layer of protection underneath it in the form of polycarbonate to strengthen the case and help protect your phone should you, or someone else for that matter, drop it.

One of the genuinely pleasing things about this case is that round the front, there is a ‘bumper’. What I mean by this is that if you had to drop your phone face down, instead of the screen coming into contact with the ground, the bezel on the case would take the brunt of the impact meaning that the phone won’t be damaged.

This design feature is also continued further round the phone where you would access the on and off buttons, as well as the volume rocker. Sometimes it can be more expensive to have the buttons replaced than the screen, so it’s nice to see that if you drop it on its side then these buttons are protected, too.

To top things off, More-Case have even went to ensure that you can proudly display the Apple logo by having a cut out circle in the case so everyone and their dog can see that it’s a genuine Apple product. Of course, you’ve still got access to the rather excellent camera in the iPhone 6, something which other case manufacturers often neglect.

The Verdict

You may have noticed that now that I’m wrapping up this review that I haven’t actually mentioned the price of this item. Indeed, this is a premium iPhone 6 case in terms of its features, but I’ll put your mind at ease just now that this does not come in at a premium price. Rather, the cost of the case itself is £15.

Even if the price was double this, I’d still recommend it. It not only looks great, but it feels great as well. I’m sure when it inevitably faces a real world drop test due to my clumsiness that it’ll fully protect the phone. So far, the initial impression which I’ve had for the last month is this; excellent in every aspect and I highly recommend it.


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