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Always a Camper’s Choice – LED Flashlights

Updated on July 4, 2016

Are you a camper? If yes, then this article is for you. You must go through it to learn about LED flashlights that may prove to be your best friend during your expedition.

Campers and hikers would keep one item in their bags for sure – these LED flashlights. The newer technology of LED has arrived with reliable and durable LED flashlight, which has become standard equipment for the adventure and outdoor lovers.

Though, most of the campers are aware of the benefits of these lighting panels, they still do not know that carrying them is much convenient for several reasons. The article highlights on these reasons to help you understand it's worth during camping.

The campers and hunters used to carry bulky flashlights previously, which were also prone to failure in severe climatic conditions. If your trekking trails are dark and camping night outs need emergency lights, there is nothing better than a reliable LED flashlight.

How does it work?

LED powered flashlight works with the mechanism of light-emitting diode and the light is emitted through a bunch of miniature light bulbs conjoined to the electrical circuit. There is no filament; that is the reason why LED lights conveniently run for prolonged hours as they are constantly being powered by the electron movements within a semiconductor. The intensity of the light depends on the number of bulbs with the plastic bulb; the larger the concentration more strong would be the light strength.

Why do campers prefer this LED light?

Campers are seen to carry big LED flashlights and also the small pocket flashlights. There are some specific reasons why they prefer carrying these LED flashlights. Here are some of the reasons why it becomes the favourite pick for the campers.

  • High intensity all round lighting – These lights emits stronger, purer and brighter light than the ordinary and standard flashlights. The light reaches as far as a mile away from the strongest LED flashlight and that too in the form of a concentrated beam. This strong illumination cannot be expected from the ordinary torches which fade out further away.
  • Powerful and efficient – These lights offer a better performance if you keep some extra sets of batteries. Charging the rechargeable batteries during a camp sounds to be a luxury thus if LED lights are your companion, make sure to carry enough batteries too as it might run out of power while your expedition.
  • Durable even under tough conditions – Nothing to worry even if you are walking along a rocky trail and your torches are prone to falling and breaking; it’s time to opt for the pocket LED. These lights are made of rubberized material and tough resin that can work even in the harshest of conditions. Breaking into pieces is just not happening with these lights!
  • Resistant to adverse climate – These flashlights can be your reliable companions while you are moving through rain, storm and even under snow or ice. If accidentally you drop LED flashlight in water and pick it up instantly, it will be still working. Isn’t it cool?
  • Lightweight and easily portable – These flashlights are lightweight devices and very easy to carry and pack in your compact luggage while camping. The concept of "going light" to make your travel easier is surely needed and carrying a foot long flashlight that might be as heavy as five pounds is just not needed. Instead opt for these five to six ounce LED flashlights that have many more benefits than the ordinary flashlights out there.

These LED flashlights are available in various forms these days – as bulbs on your headband, as torches, as hooks to your luggage or tent and so on. You just need to understand its utility and pick the deal that suits your need.

Do you think that LED flashlight is what you should gift to your Hiker friend?

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If you have a friend who is a hiker and enjoys outdoor vacations, this one is certainly the best gift idea for him/her this Christmas season. As these are small and light in weight and pretty inexpensive, nothing can be a better and affordable Christmas gift for your dear friend.

These are the best devices that helps them to reach the top of the mountain trails and assist in achieving what they wanted.


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