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Amazon Echo: The Future

Updated on November 7, 2014
The Amazon Echo
The Amazon Echo

What The Hell is it?

Think of the Amazon Echo as Apple's Siri, the home edition. It can answer everything and anything you ask it just by saying its command name, like "Matilda remind me to get a Chocolate cake". It can answer the time of day, weather, news, movie times, pretty much anything that Siri can answer. The Amazon Echo can also play music from your music file via speaking to it or Amazon Echo app. It works with the cloud concept nowadays. Meaning it gets everything personal from the cloud and updates via the cloud. If you are not aware of what the "cloud" is it's just a virtual hard drive floating around.

Things it can do
Things it can do


  • Play music -Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, Prime Music, or itunes library via bluetooth.
  • Answer everyday questions -Answers come from Wikipedia
  • Timers, Alarms, lists, Reminders - When cooking, waking up, etc.
  • Weather, News, Status update -Access the news from your preferred station, Facebook Status feed update, twitter, etc.

How does this crap work?

Basically, you speak the command name or word followed by an action. Example, "Veronica, is it Sweater weather outside?" Or "Cylinder, how do you spell cantalope?" Then it will respond with an answer or start playing something. Echo has 7 microphones that enables the user to speak to it in a normal tone voice anywhere around the room and in any direction. It comes with a wall power adapter for charging. Think of it as if Siri was pulled out of the iPhone and placed on your living room table.

Price and the future of Amazon Echo

Right now invitations to purchase the Amazon Echo are going out. If you are an Amazon Prime member the price is merely 99 bucks, if not the price jumps to 199. The Echo is not available at the moment but should be within a few weeks to the people that get invited.

What the future holds?

In the next couple of years we will start seeing more devices like the Amazon Echo. The next generations of the Echo will be smaller, faster, and possibly built into homes. We might see google building devices like Echo into homes. Apple might make a similar device for home users. Etc..

Inside look
Inside look


Amazon Echo is the size of a Dole 59oz Orange Strawberry Banana Juice, so I guess the size isn't to bad. I have an iPhone with Siri built-in and so does everyone else in the house, so why should I even bother with the Amazon Echo? I shouldn't. "It plays music straight from the device", so does my iPhone. "It answers my everyday questions", iPhone. If you have an iPhone or any other device like Siri there is really no need for you to spend money on an Echo. If anyone gets one it is because they have money to spend, they don't like Siri or don't have one, or they think this new device might bring the family closer together.

Thinking of buying an Amazon Echo?

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      John596 3 years ago

      Cool read.

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      Eddy2106 3 years ago from Chicago Suburb, IL

      Thanks!! You as well

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      prasetio30 3 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Nice review and it looks great gadget. Thanks for sharing with us. Good job and voted up. Have a nice weekend!