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Amazon Kindle eReader 4 (Black) Review

Updated on November 15, 2012

All I wanted was a simple, reliable eReader that I could use for just reading. I researched all of the models out there, and even had my doubts as to whether I really needed one. After literally about 2 months of dithering, researching, second guessing myself, and reading innumerable reviews, I decided to buy the Amazon Kindle 4 eReader (Black) with ads, for a very friendly $69.

I had read many reviews saying that the device itself felt cheaply made, didn't "turn pages" quickly enough etc. I have been very pleasantly surprised to experience none of these things. The machine is absolutely wonderful. Yes, using the 5 point controller and the wifi is a bit slow and cumbersome, but nothing that can get in the way of its main function as a small, affordable, reliable eReader. I did not buy it to surf the net or to make notes on the text that I read. I don't even use wifi to download books, because it is much quicker and easier to download them onto my computer and then just upload them onto the Kindle.

Amazon claims that the battery will last up to 1 month per charge based on 30 minutes of use per day. However, it also depends on how big the font size is and how fast you read. The only time the device uses battery is when the wifi is on and while we are pressing any of the buttons. If we keep the fonts relatively small we obviously use the page turn buttons less often, meaning less battery usage. Keeping the wifi off is a big plus. The only reason you would need to turn it on would be to download something. Other than that it should be kept off.

I for one never read just 30 minutes per day, more like a couple of hours. Even then I almost get a 3 weeks out of one charge. I keep the font size relatively small, don't make any notes or use the dictionary, and just read. Charging the device is also easy. You just connect it to your computer via the USB cable that is provided. A full charge from 0% should take around 4 hours. There is no need to let it lose all of its juice though. It has been commonly recommended that you should charge your device once it gets down to around 25% full, and to let it get to almost 100%, but not quite. Letting the battery totally die and then charging it to the max is thought to harm the battery life, although I cannot be sure of this. I have read many different ideas concerning this.

All in all it is perfect for people who basically want to read without any bells and whistles. The device can hold up to 1,400 books, which should keep even the most avid readers busy for a while. It is literally like having a whole library in the palm of your hand. It is perfect for people who love to read, and who don't mind not having and actual book in their hand. It is easier to hold and transport the device than even the thinnest paperback.

What Do I Think?

5 stars for Amazon Kindle 4 eReader (Black)


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    • frantisek78 profile image

      frantisek78 5 years ago

      @point2make : glad I could help. I found reviews of the Kindle to be very helpful in my decision making process. I knew what to expect and not to expect before I got it. Anyway, I recommend it highly!

    • point2make profile image

      point2make 5 years ago

      Thanks for the review. I have been wondering about the Kindle and whether I should get have helped me make up my mind. Thanks.