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Amazon's One of a Kind Kindle

Updated on February 12, 2018

Developed by Amazon dot com, the Amazon Kindle is an ebook reader which uses connectivity that is wireless in order to let users browse, download, shop for and read ebooks, blogs, magazines, newspapers and other digital media. The hardware devices of Kindle use electronic paper E Ink to show sixteen various gray shades, which simulates reading real paper and minimizes the use of power.

Kindle has been introduced by Amazon for using on different platforms and devices which includes the Mac OS X, BlackBerry, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Android, Windows Phone 7 and Web OS. There is also a 'cloud' for Amazon which lets readers purchase and read books on Kindle from an online browser.

Kindle for PC was released by Amazon in the latter part of 2009 and was available to download for free for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. The application lets you read books in the thousands in color on a PC with no required Kindle unit. Ebooks are then downloaded after being purchased on the online store of Amazon.

Later, a version for Macintosh was also released. There was also a version for Androids released soon after and then versions for cellphones by BlackBerry, Mac computers, Windows, the iPad and the Apple iPhone was also released.

A few years ago, Amazon made an announcement regarding a Kindle 2 versions that was international with the capacity for downloading new titles in more than a hundred countries. This became accessible in the year '09 and is quite similar to the USA version physically, even if it uses various mobile standards of network.

The international version of Kindle 2 is thought to have a distinctively higher screen contrast even if this feature is not advertised.

Amazon also offers services that are based on email which converts BMP, PNG, GIF or JPEG graphic options to AZW. HTML pages are also converted by Amazon and documents by Microsoft Word through similar mechanisms that are email based, sending a file that is formatted by Kindle to the devices through 3G for a fee or for free via WiFi. You can access these services through sending an email to the company, although these kinds of service are only available for those who purchased a true device of Kindle.

On the other hand, those who own a digital application of Kindle such as for iPad or iPhone are not able to access these services. Files that clients want to convert needs to be in email attachments. PDF can be converted to other files through generation 1 of Kindle's support format with the software of third parties.

With the Kindle, users can look up, highlight and bookmark content. You can even 'dog ear' pages for notes and references that can be added to content that is relevant. As your 'book' is open on its 'page,' options in the menu let you search for definitions and synonyms from a dictionary which is built in.

This device also 'remembers' which page you read last. You can 'clip' pages or a file text that contains the currently displayed text on the pages. Every clipping is appended to one file which you can download on a cable that is USB compatible.


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