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Ambit Energy Alternative For Electric And Gas

Updated on June 14, 2012

Ambit Energy For Electric And Gas

Ambit energy is a service that provides gas an electric at a reduced price. Essentially Ambit will lower your gas and electric bill just for signing up with them. There's also an incentive program where you can sell Ambit energy as a business. You will eventually create a downline with affiliates and get rid of your own gas and electric bill by doing so.

The most appealing part of being a ambit customer is that you don't have to change how the gas or electric comes into your home. You're simply just changing billing companies.

Ambit has lower prices then most local gas and electric suppliers. It's a new concept sweeping the nation. It's only available in a few states as of now but people are anxiously awaiting Ambit Energy moving into their neighborhood.

Check out the videos below to learn more about Ambit as a business opportunity.

* Disclaimer - I am not a ambit customer or sales associate. This service is not available where I live at the moment and this article is just for informational purposes. *

Ambit Upline

Ambit Energy, save money on gas and electric.
Ambit Energy, save money on gas and electric.


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