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An Ode to Facebook

Updated on September 10, 2012

Help us please!

Oh Facebook why must you taunt me so, comments and pokes and likes will show, but the intentions are not made clear, when we read instead of hear, who should I block and who should I hide, in a message should I confide, then realize I sent it to everyone, a thing which cannot be undone, and should I decide to hit unfriend, of that I'll never hear the end, should I go or should I stay, who will pretend to leave Facebook today, yet tomorrow they'll be back, to leave more room for cyber attack, help us Lord to keep it clean, and try our best to not be mean, and should I accidentally hit like, when I'm trying to hide a post, it appears on everyones wall to see, when its the one I hated most, and God forbid if I'm hacked once more, I'm going to scream and cry on the floor, I promise I did not watch that video, but everyone secretly wonders is that so, and so I appear to be a freak, because I let my password leak, and should I leave myself logged in, posts will appear that I did not send, Thanks to my smart alec friends, is there an end to the madness on cyberspace, I think Ill leave my book un faced.


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