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Android 3.0 Tablet PCs Horning In On iPad's Kingdom

Updated on June 27, 2011
Samsung Galaxy Tab
Samsung Galaxy Tab | Source

Android 3.0 Tablet And Apple

Android Tablet PCs are threatening to weaken the iPad's hold on the Tablet PC market.

Anyone who looks at the history of Apple will notice that they have always had a few barriers to their forward motion. First in the desk top market where it might be said that they had a superior product, but were consistently being pushed aside by IBM clones because all of the software was geared towards the Windows operating system and while they had a small but dedicated "cult" following, they never really gained the market share they deserved.

Apple Blossoms In Mobile Communications

With the release of iPods, iPhones and most reciently the iPads, Apple had finally gained the domination in the marketplace that some feel they always deserved. Overnight they went from a struggling company in need of a life line to the dominant figure in the moble communications "niche". Their growing popularity has seemed unstoppable.

Enter Google Android

Now enters the Google Giant, coming in from a seemingly dis-related area of communication, known mainly as the king of search engines and on-line advertising and marketing. Google bought Android Inc. because they saw potential and had a strategy. Many thought that Google was entering the moble communications market, but Google surprised one and all by making Android an "open source" platform which meant that others could develop programs and widgets for the Android and market them as long as they followed Googles rules.

Unlike IBM who just gave away the basic principle of the Personal Computer without strings Google has retained some control of the Android platform and will use it to expand their empire by doing what they do best - advertise and strategically market.

Android phones began to take a bit of the market away from the iPhone but Apple still maintained domonance in the high tech phone market. With the release of the iPad it seemed that Apple had established an undisputable lead in the tablet PC market. A few Android tablets existed like the Samsung Galaxy Tab which actually did quite well, but Android was a phone platform and most of of the tablet attempts were not even close to being in the same league as the iPad.

Android 3.0 - Motorola Xoom

The Android 3.0 changed that. Now you will find reviewers comparing the Motorola Xoom, an Android 3.0 tablet, and the iPad 2 and actually giving the Xoom the lead in some categories. It seemed like the Android 3.0 tablets were threatening the iPad's dominence.

Now Android 3.1 has been released and Apple is in trouble. Not only has this version incorporated USB technology but it has established it self as a major threat to the iPad's domination of the tablet world.

Now I think this is good, not because I don't like Apple, but because now Apple has to come up with something better. And then Android will have to come up with something better and so on and so on. I love gadgets and technology, and have gathered quite a collection. This "Clash of the Titans" will probably produce some great new technology. I for one will be taking advantage of this.


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    • GreenMathDr profile image

      GreenMathDr 6 years ago

      Green Lotus I doubt Android has really hurt iPad sales much but I really would like to see them trying to out do each other because I think they would come up with some great new ideas and features.

    • Green Lotus profile image

      Hillary 6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      I'm a big fan of apple so I have to disagree, although android phones are almost as intuitive as iphones. I don't think android 3.0 tablet hurt ipad sales. We'll soon see whether the new Google tablet sells better than ipad2.