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Android Apps and Games

Updated on September 22, 2012

Google Android is an Operating System for mobiles. It can be usually found in ‘smartphones’. It is an advanced OS which features user-friendly environment, icons to applications, wallpapers, and has its own market, called Google Play (changed from Android Market to Google Play).

There are millions of applications and games out there in the market, and I have chosen some of them as my favorites.


1. Cartoon Camera

A simple app that lets you take photos in cartoony form. There are many other effects such as color, negative, sepia, colored edges etc. It also lets you to adjust brightness, crop, change saturation and many more. Download for free from Google Play.

2. Wattpad

This application has thousands of books and novels which you can save and read for FREE. It has more than 12 categories! You can publish your own story on Wattpad. Actually, users are the ones who publish the stories there, but they are of very good quality.

3. PicSay

Another picture customizer app. It allows us to easily edit our pictures by adding text boxes, hats, goggles, and many more objects. It can change the brightness, crop, change the “temperature” of image etc.

4. ConvertPad

It is a very helpful application. It can convert currencies too. It supports more than 150 currencies. It has all the common mathematical units. Weight, temperature, length, density, acceleration, pressure, time, angles etc. are some examples.

Dolphin Browser HD
Dolphin Browser HD

5. Compass

It shows directions. A perfect compass viewer with exact locations. You can change the type of compass to classic, modern, digital etc. Shows the location of the mobile with longitudes and latitudes too.

6. AVG Antivirus Free

This is a perfect antivirus app for your android device. It scans every new app and game installed on the device. It automatically detects any harmful app. It has helped me keep my device virus free!

7. Dolphin Browser HD

The best and easiest browser I have ever used, Dolphin Browser HD. It’s size is not much, and it has the interface similar to Google Chrome and Firefox. You can add many add-ons (extensions) to Dolphin Browser HD. You can easily save pages, files and images. The best browser for Android.

8. ES File Explorer

There are many ‘explorers’ in the Market. The best one for me is ES File Explorer. It is very simple and also has an App Manager. It also has FTP Connection. Its size is not so large; therefore this is a good explorer for Android.


A dictionary app which shows meaning to words and phrases in a blink of eyes. It requires Internet connection. It also has thesaurus. You can easily swap between Dictionary and Thesaurus.

Interface of MX Video Player
Interface of MX Video Player

10. Eliminate Stress

This is kind of an E-book App. It is really helpful for knowing about Anxieties, Stresses and Panic Attacks. It also teaches how to overcome them. An app that must be in every Android Device.

11. Fake Call & SMS & Call Logs

A great app to prank your friends! This app can make fake calls, SMSs and also put the logs of Calls and SMSs in your device! You can customize the image of a contact too.

12. MX Video Player

MX Video Player can play almost all Video Files. It is really easy, and you don’t need to browse for a video exploring your SD Card. Just open the app and it will load all the videos present in the SD Card and the Phone Memory arranging them to their folders. You can zoom the videos too.

13. Now And Then - Date Calculator

This application calculates the time between any two dates entered by the user. It is helpful for knowing what time is left for your birthday etc. It also shows the time in Seconds and Minutes!

14. RealCalc Scientific Calculator

This calculator has a lot of features, just like a real calculator has! It also converts a number system to the other such as from Decimal to Octal etc.

15. Sketch n Draw

A great app for passing your time. Draw anything on your device screen using various colors, brushes etc. and save them to SD Card. You can also edit an image in Sketch n Draw.

Ninja Chicken
Ninja Chicken | Source


1. Ninja Chicken

The best Android Game I have ever played! It is very addictive. You will be playing as a chicken who is a Ninja. You need to jump and slide to get over the obstacles. There are 35 levels, and I am currently on level 19!

2. Talking Tom Cat 2 Free

Tom Cat will repeat whatever you say! You can slap him, hit him, and do many other things! Example: If I say, “Hello, Tom Cat”, then he will repeat as, “Hello, Tom Cat”, but in his own voice.

3. Talking Ben the Dog Free

This is similar to above game but a Dog repeats our words here. Ben, the dog, repeats our words in a heavy voice. He is a chemical professor and you can try out some experiments where the conclusion is, an explosion!

4. Angry Birds

Angry Birds is the award winner of Best Game App and App of the Year 2011. You will be controlling a group of angry birds, and target them to the block of pigs. You will get 3 birds to hit the blocks, and all the pigs must burst, or you will have to restart that level.

5. Cricket T20 Fever 3D

The best cricket game app in Android. It has real cool 3D graphics with Scoreboard. You can choose to play a match of 5 overs, 10 overs or 20 overs. The bowling and batting is as real as the PC Game EA Sports Cricket 2007.

6. Skater Boy

Skater Boy is similar to Ninja Chicken. You need to skate and pass through many obstacles. There are many levels, and you get points for performing different moves.

7. Yoo Ninja! Free

A ninja game where you need to run, run and run along with the walls. It has many levels and is very addictive. You only need to run and escape from blades.

8. Devil Ninja 2

Another ninja game. It’s not 3D but is really fun. It is an action game where you need to kill enemies, collect different items and defeat Boss Enemies.

9. Real Football 2012

A REAL football game for Android. It has superb 3D Graphics. You can play the matches in many different modes. You can create matches, kits, players and teams, and do everything you did in the PC game FIFA 2012!

10. Fairy Farm

A farm game which is similar to PC Game Magic Farm. It is really addictive and you need to complete Quests and make grow your farm!


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    • ronny2005 profile image

      ronny2005 5 years ago from HubPages

      Unfortunately, Cartoon Wars is incompatible with my device! I will surely play Stick Cricket as I had heard about it from my friends. Thanks for stopping by!

    • gchisnall profile image

      gchisnall 5 years ago from Cape Town, South Africa

      MX Video Player is the best!

      Check out games called Cartoon Wars as well as Stick Cricket . Pretty addictive too!