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Android Phones: Why Choose an Android OS?

Updated on February 27, 2013

User Expectations and Android Tips

Even with the growing popularity of Android mobile devices in the market from various manufacturers, not all Android operating systems are identical. Android phone manufacturers have tweaked their products with their own unique sets of user interfaces, widgets, and apps to flaunt their branding. Doing so provides more value within the product. Some tweaks may or may not have a major effect on the user interface and phone features. Before buying an Android device, it would be best to know the types changes made by the phone manufacturer in order to get the right phone that best serves the user's needs.

The Android OS is made available on several smartphones, customized according to each manufacturer's preferences. These customizations are done perhaps due to the desire to create unique characteristics in terms of function and appearance in order to rank high among the users' choice in the market. Knowing what the consumers favor will give them opportunities to improve on the overall interface. Phone users are wary of the Android apps and overlays that could slow down or at worst, cripple the whole experience with an Android OS. Users are not strangers to the challenges of setting up an Android phone according to their needs. Of course, each user would wish a personalized interface to make each phone unique from the rest. But sometimes the act of simplifying the phone will bring the user to several levels of settings. These are the main factors that have to be faced by each mobile device user.

Among the popular app types are the social network apps that combine messages from different networks into one list. The convenience of accessing different social networks from a single app such as Nimbuzz, ebuddy, and other similar social apps make this type a must-have in every Android device. Another favorite app types are the music and video apps, which most manufacturers include among the other built in Android phone apps.

While some apps offer extra services to users, others may quite mess up the screen including the initial user experience. Most Android phone manufacturers extra software specific for their brand and services that can genuinely be useful to the consumer.

Generally, phone manufacturers continuously aim for an improved user experience by offering and adding functional tweaks to the Android OS. Along with these come the changes, which the users continuously adapt and adjust to. The speed at which technology runs is a pace we as users may or may not opt to follow. With these developments come favorable rewards as well as unique challenges.

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    • Oilersmyth profile image

      Oilersmyth 5 years ago from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

      Nice post! Even though I prefer iPhone, I can clearly see why Android has it's pros. Hopefully it can get better!