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Android V/S iOS - Let's see which is the best

Updated on March 14, 2016
Android V/S iOS
Android V/S iOS

Overview about Mobile

Mobile is the most booming sector where most of people use smart phones. Most of the smart phones are manufactured using either Android operating system or iOS operating system or Windows operating system. As we know, most of the market is captured by either Android devices or by iOS devices.

Android operating system is designed and developed by Google whereas iOS operating system is designed and developed by Apple Inc.

Manufactures: Android, iOS

There are well known companies like Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Motorola, Huawei, Micromax etc. are the companies that manufactures smart phones using Android operating system but the iOS based devices are manufactured only by Apple Inc. no other company expect Apple manufactures iOS based smart phones.

Market Shares: Android, iOS

Talking about market shares, approx. 75% of the market is being captured by Android devices where as 31% of the market is being captured by iOS devices. Every year, both the operating system comes up new and improved updates which enhances the performance of the smart phones. Currently, Android Marshmallow version 6.0 operating system is used for Android devices whereas iOS version 9 operating system which is used for iOS devices.

Functionality: Android, iOS

There are various widgets available in Android where as there are no widgets available in iOS except notification center. It is easy to transfer data through Android operating system but transferring data in iOS is limited, where one can transfer data using iOS software only.


There are various companies that offers Android devices in the form of smart phones and tablets but only Apple Inc. offers iOS devices in the form of iPad, iPhones, iPod and Mac.

At the end, the debate regarding which is better Android devices or iOS devices will never come to end. But at the end, both the operating systems are best and are used in the market. Depending on the users interest they purchase the smart phones or tablets from the market.


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