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Android jelly bean camera facilities

Updated on May 14, 2013

Android jelly bean 4.2 is the operating system which is full of entertainment. It has a very strong multimedia system including very strong camera facilities. Some of the camera facilities are given bellow.

New tools

More effective and attractive tools had been added in jelly bean 4.2 that make its camera feature richer than older versions.

Improved camera app

The newly added camera app of jelly bean 4.2 is simply amazing. The camera app used in jelly bean 4.2 is completely redesigned which make it different from all others.

HDR support

Jelly bean 4.2 will give high dynamic range (HDR) facility if the device supports this facility. By using HDR one can take more detailed shots by changing exposure range.

Photo editor

Jelly bean 4.2 has very much effective and attractive photo editor. By using this editor anyone can edit photos and can make any changes to make that photo more attractive by using the photo editor. Using the newly added filters, borders and other tools anyone can customize photos in jelly bean photo editor.

Photo Sphere

By using this facility immersive 360º photos can be captured. Anyone can share his/her captured photos on laptop or desktop computers.

Quick photo review

Quick photo review allows you to review your photo without leaving the camera app. To do this just swipe away from the camera viewfinder and review your photo and just doing reverse you can go back to viewfinder mode to take new photos.

Filmstrip mode

If you don’t want review pictures by using filmstrip mode you can stop rapid review of photos.


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