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Android phones with front camera.

Updated on June 28, 2012
video calling with front camera
video calling with front camera

Now a days people are preferring phones supporting video calling with the presence of front camera (or secondary camera). Purchasing an android phone with front camera enables you to make video call over internet using software like skype and also on 3G. See the list of Android phones with front cameras.

Why Android phone with front camera?

The current tend in smartphone market is indicating that the number of android smartphones is increasing rapidly compared to other smartphones. Due to the large support of apps and full customization possibilities of Android, if you are going to purchase a new smartphone it is always better to select an Android phone with front camera. The cost of internet is coming down and in towns, now you can see free wi-fi spots enabling you to use on travel, even if you do not have 3G connection in your phone.

Also there is a possibility of video calls getting more and more cheaper in recent years, letting you to make video calls at the cost of today's normal calls. So in all aspect you can look for a smart phone with front camera

List of Android phones with front camera

In most of the high end phones front camera is available. So the confusion is in the case of low end smartphones only. Also for making video call, now you can see front cameras of VGA, 0.3MP, 2.0MP capacities. Here I am mainly listing low and mid end android smartphones with front camera.

Sony Ericson Live with Walkman
Sony Ericson Live with Walkman

Sony Ericson Live with Walkman (Rs.14500)

This is a phone recently released by Sony Ericson recently for music lovers. It also offers very good specifications for this price. 1GHz processor and Adreno GPU, 512MB RAM, 5MP primary camera with 720p video recording, 380MB internal storage and a 0.3MP front camera for video calling.

It runs on Android 2.3 Ginger bread. But the user opinion comes with thumbs down to battery. A battery of 1200mAh is not enough to run such a great specification for a long time

Motorola Fire XT
Motorola Fire XT

Motorola Fire XT (Rs. 12500)

This Motorola phone came to the market after the acquisition of Motorola by Google. This phone runs on an 800MHz processor and Adreno GPU. It also offers 512MB RAM and ROM, with 150MB internal memory. 5MP auto focus primary camera and 0.3MP secondary front camera is also available making the phone capable of making video call.

It also runs on Android 2.3. The screen resolution and display are a bit down compared to Sony Ericson Live with Walkman. But you can get a price reduction of Rs.1500 is there compared to live with walkman . It comes with a more powerful battery. Li-ion battery of 1390mAh is enough to withstand one days heavy usage.

Micromax superfone A75
Micromax superfone A75

Micromax Superfone A75 (Rs.8900)

Micromax is famous for releasing phones to market at such a low price that no other company can release such one. Similarly in Superfone lite A75 also you can find specifications that you can find only in double cost phones of other companies. Usually the problem of Micromax phones is the cheap build quality of the phone materials. But in this phone they have succeeded in providing stunning look

This phone runs on a 650MG processor on Android 2.3. It posses 256MB RAM, 3MP camera and a 0.3MP secondary camera for video calling. Another one attractive feature of this phone is that it is a dual SIM phone

Idea Blade 3G
Idea Blade 3G

Idea Blade 3G (Price Rs. 7990)

It is a low priced android phone with front camera from one of the famous GSM service providers in India-Idea. This phone is offering specifications corresponding to the price. It also comes with 3G benefit worth Rs.3500 according to Idea.

This Android 2.2 phone is powered by 600MHz Scorpion processor and 512MB RAM. The display of 480x800 resolution in 3.5 inch screen is offering good clarity display. The TFT capacitive touch screen is multi touch capable and offers good quality touch. 3.2MP camera is also capable of capturing good pictures. This phone has internal storage of 512MB along with 32GB expandable memory card slot. 1250mAh battery will not last long if you are using the 3G benefits you are getting along with the phone. Build quality of the phone is not good. The plastic body will give a cheap look. Also the associated headphone is not of good quality.

Spcie MI 350n
Spcie MI 350n

Spice MI 350 N (Rs. 7800)

This is another dual SIM Android phone with front camera. It has a 650MHz processor and android 2.3. primary camera is of 3.2MP and secondary camera is of 0.3MP. The battery is 1400mAh, which is a big plus point, as it is a dual SIM phone, it will drain battery soon, but this high capacity battery compared to other phones, will help you last long

Micromax A70
Micromax A70

Micromax A70 (Rs. 7500)

It is another phone from Micromax, for those who want good specification at low price. It runs on a 600MHz processor in Android 2.3. It possess a 5MP primary camera and a 0.3MP secondary camera allowing you to make video call. It also possess, good battery power of 1450mAh.

Spice Mi 280
Spice Mi 280

Spice MI 280 (Rs.5300)

It is the cheapest android phone allowing you to make video call, currently available in market. It runs on a 650MHz processor with Android 2.3. It is a dual SIM phone also.

But the 2.8 inch screen is small and is a let down. Also the battery is only 1000mAh, which will surely question your backup as this is a dual SIM phone. Primary camera is of 3.2MP and secondary camera is of 0.3MP

There are many other low priced phones below Rs.20000 with front camera allowing you to make video call. As secondary camera is common in this price range and above, I am not giving detailed description

Sony Ericson SK17i - Rs-16000

Sony Ericson Xperia Neo Mini -Rs-18000

Sony Ericson Xperia Ray Rs-18800

Motorola Milestome XT 800 Rs-16500

Samsung Galaxy S LCD 19003 Rs-18500

Surely the list is an ever growing one as new companies are coming to Android Smartphone market.

Check more updated list of front camera Android phones.


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    • Spence Bailey profile image

      Spence Bailey 5 years ago from Kenton, Ohio

      My Samsung Stratosphere has a front camera and I am very impressed with it because I consider the phone to be entry/mid level. Although I don't use video calling, I'm sure it would work great.

    • Sujeet Baro profile image

      sujeet baro 5 years ago from Guwahati, India

      some information are not right here regarding micro-max a70 it runs 2.2 not 2.3 and front camera is not used as video calling . please search first the details ..and correct them to.. article is nice and lovely to.

    • profile image

      freezbay 5 years ago

      I should have been here months ago... Damn!!!! Just lost it.. I can't take the time back...

    • vinner profile image

      vinner 6 years ago from India


      Samsung released a new phone Galaxy Y Pro duos with QWERTY keypad and dual cameras with sub 10k price. Check the details.


      Sad to hear your story. But specification wise these phones look really good. But I think the flaws in your phone may be due the the fact that A60 is one of the initial models of Micromax in Android. But surely they have improved.

    • profile image

      mayank 6 years ago

      frnds i have micromax a60 and seriously telling that for small price diff. u r gonna buy a useless phone micromax mobile is formalized mobile plz dont buy micromax costly phones oderwise after sum time i will see this comment but your name instead of mine.......useless phone i repaired my phone 9 times withi 8 months!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Jackson 6 years ago

      It is sad that Samsung is not providing front camera in its entry level smartphones. My budget was below 10K, So I am going for Micromax superfone Lite A75