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Android vs. Apple

Updated on December 23, 2011
Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone
Doird Incredible
Doird Incredible

Apple OS vs. Android

So far, the smartphone/tablet market appears to be decided by two market leaders, Apple and Google. Apple's iOS and Google's Android OS dominate as the leaders in terms of operating systems found on both Smartphones and tablets. Both of these are great operating systems and I have been fortunate enough to use both. My first experience was with Android as I got the first CDMA Adroid-based smartphone launched by Verizon Wireless on their CDMA network. I was pretty impressed with the Android OS and the number of available applications.

I have since started using an Apple iPad2, also on the VZW CDMA network. Nobody excels in User Interface technology like Apple. As for the device, it's a great tool.and I am thoroughly enjoying.

I can honestly say that both of these OS's are great. In terms of applications, even though Apple had a big head start, the Android marketplace has definitely caught up and now both operating systems provide an ample amount of applications. Regardless of the OS you are using, you will be able to find whatever type of application you need.

The key difference is that in order to use the Apple iOS operating system, you will need to purchase an Apple device. Since Apple makes great devices, this is not a problem. On the otherhand, Google provides its Android OS free to everyone so you can buy devices from several different OEM's, both cell phone manufacturers and tablet OEM's, and they will have solutions based on the Android OS. This is why Android is so prevalent because the user base has many many options in terms of the physical device they want.

After having used an Android-based smartphone, I recently got the iPhone 4S on VZWs CDMA network. I have to tell you, I'm highly impressed with this device. It's safe to say that Apple has won me over. The device is truly a valuable tool to me. Even though, 3 of the 6 people in my house are Apple users, my wife has an Android based smartphone which she loves, so you can see, my household is very flexible on this topic. From my personal experience, most of the applications that I used regularly and found very useful on Android, were also available to me when I switched over to Apple. So from that standpoint, I don't think you'll have to worry too much on the application front.

I'd love to hear what you think on this debate. Have you experienced certain applicatons that work better on one OS than the other? Let me know!!! Like this hub and take the poll below to let me know where you stand.

Which Smartphone/Tablet Operating System do you Prefer?

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