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Animations With Arduino And NOKIA 3310 LCD

Updated on October 24, 2017

1) Using Arduino UNO board

This NOKIA 3310 LCD screen is a good device to start practicing with simple animations since it has a resolution of 80 by 48 pixels and despite being in black and white we can control the level of intensity of the pixels. In my first experience I developed my experiments with discomposed and discontinued cell screens and even some screens were badly damaged. Finally I manage to make animations of three to five images with the board Arduino UNO and also manage to put pictures of photographs in which the digitalizes the photographs by means of a program to reduce the image to 60 x 48 pixels as shown in the following photograph.

2) Using Mega 2560 board

My second experience with the animations with the NOKIA 3310 LCD screen is made with the Arduino Mega 2560 board and my main objective was to make animations for as many pictures as possible. This was how I get to get up to fifteen squares and this was due to the superior memory of this board compared to the Arduino UNO board. Below I show the photograph and the video of this project.

Both boards were programmed with the Arduino 1.6.13 compiler and in the future I will try to make animations with an external memory.


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