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Create an Instant Movie of Your Twitter Feed using Vizify

Updated on July 5, 2013
Create an instant movie featuring your Twitter feed using Vizify.
Create an instant movie featuring your Twitter feed using Vizify.

Hey Authors! Check out this incredible cool tool you can use to promote your creative works of art and yourself. If you haven't heard already, it's called Vizify. Vizify allows you to make a quick movie featuring your Twitter feed.

That's right! Your Tweeter followers can watch a short 60 second Vizify summary of your activity on Twitter. If you don't have a Twitter account, I can't imagine anyone not having one, then sign up and get started with Vizify. I thought it was quite amazing and fun!

Here's a little history on Vizify and its founders!

Vizify was founded in 2011 and established in sunny Portland, Oregon, Vizify's founders, Todd, Eli, and Jeff, were motivated by Zuckerberg's Law (yes,thatZuckerberg), which states that the amount of online data about you doubles each year. The three accumulated and endeavoured to make sense of their own data, but found it all disorganized and overwhelming: career history here, tweets there, check-in data everywhere. It didn't look good; it was all over the place and worst of all, it was boring.

And this is when the “aha!” moment happened.

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words, but what Vizify's founders discovered is that it's also worth a thousand kilobytes. In an effort to make their piles of data understandable Todd, Jeff, and Eli parsed, organized, and made visualizations out of their best bits. When the web-savvy folks in their network started demanding pictures of their own, the three knew they had ran into something special. And so they started Vizify with the mission of making you look your best online.

To get started creating your own Vizify video simply:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the "Make mine' button.
  3. Type in your address and verify that Vizify can access your Twitter information
  4. Vizify will then prepare your video as you wait.
  5. Click on "play" to watch preview
  6. Edit if you need to or continue to proceed.

The edit window allows you to edit and rearrange, add pages, music, photos, color,quotes, and etc. You can get more page options by connecting your LINKEDIN, FACEBOOK, FOURSQUARE, INSTAGRAM accountS. This is what the edit window looks like:

Vizify editing screenshot
Vizify editing screenshot

My Vizify Video

An instant video of my tweets!
An instant video of my tweets!

As you can see from my video, Vizify organized my top 3 popular hashtags which are #kingdom, #inspiration and #writers. You have the ability to switch out your hashtags if you desire. Vizify also organizes your top 3 followers, again you can change them if you so desire.


That's not all!

Vizify has another cool tool where you can create your own bio which gathers your social media data into an infographic website of you. You can use it as a resume! Add it to your online profiles via Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, just to name a few.

My Graphical Bio

Personal website powered by my data!
Personal website powered by my data! | Source

Graphical Bio is a visual presentation of you, It pulls out the best of your social media content. Why should anyone bother to use this tool?

  1. To market themselves
  2. Use it as a personal website
  3. Add it to your online profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Instagram, and even your email signature
  4. To show off your expertise to people searching for you online!

In the edit interface of the bio page, you can edit, add, and remove pages. Page options you can include in your bio are career, location, photo, factoid (facts about you), education, bizcards, and more depending on the services you connect with your bio.

Like what you saw? I thought it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. Greatest thing of all, it's free! I love free, you love free, everybody love free! So, get started on creating your Vizify video and bio now! Click below the Vizify logo to get started.

It's QUICK, EASY and FUN! It only took me 30 minutes or less to make mine!

Create Yours!

Make Yours Now!
Make Yours Now! | Source

That's It!

Please feel free to come back to "Create an instant movie of your Twitter feed using Vizify" hub and post your Vizify video and graphical bio link in the comment section below! Thanks, and I look forward to your visit again!


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