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Practical Source of Energy - Solar Energy

Updated on April 3, 2016
Solar Panels on Hjelm Island
Solar Panels on Hjelm Island | Source
Solar School Building of The Farm School on The Farm Community in Tennessee
Solar School Building of The Farm School on The Farm Community in Tennessee | Source

As the world goes in search for more sustainable sources and forms of energy, solar energy is one of the most practical alternative sources of renewable energy available. This is a practical option not only for governments, but also for individual home owners. With access to sunlight, you only to need to set up solar panels to tap solar energy.

Solar panels are made of photovoltaic cells whose efficiency and output are improving with the passage of time due to advances in technology. The cost is decreasing as well as the size of the cells have been reduced making them more effective and dynamic.

In the last 17 years, the cost of producing energy from sunlight has come down to half. Earlier it was being made at US$ 8.00 but now it is down US$ 4.00.

Aerial view: Solar Plant in Salching
Aerial view: Solar Plant in Salching | Source

Uses of Solar Panels

One of the main advantages of producing electricity/power from solar energy is that it is environment friendly and inexhaustible so as long as the sun continues to shine. A natural resource is being used for producing power that does not discharge anything in the air as sunlight is totally transformed into energy. Nowadays, solar panels are being frequently used for a number of purposes:

  • for generating electricity
  • keeping a house warm, or for warming the water. If it is being used for warming the water, water passes through these solar cells that make the water warm before going in the pipes. These solar panels can be easily be placed on the rooftop as it’s the most appropriate place for them.

Technology is improving with time and so are these solar panels. They are being designed in ways that it can generate power not only on sunny days but also on rainy/cloudy days.

Uni-solar is a company that is producing such types of solar panels. The basic working is that these panels efficiently absorb the radiation from the sun thus producing more energy even on a sunless day.

Photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of a house near Boston Massachusetts
Photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of a house near Boston Massachusetts | Source
Photovoltaic System, "Country-home" style
Photovoltaic System, "Country-home" style | Source

PV System

There is also another solar power system that is being used for its cost-effectiveness. It is named the PV system and is associated with an electrical grid station. It works in a way that if some extra power is being generated by a house, it is forwarded and shared with the grid station. This results in decreasing the dependency of the grid on its regular production. This option is very good for communities as it reduces the load on grid stations. Nowadays, different societies and towns are planned in a way that they have their own solar collection provisioning system set up.

Due to the benefits of Solar energy, some big players in the market have said that they will be using solar generated power. These big names include Google who has decided to place a 1.6 Mega Watt plant on their rooftop for producing solar power. Similarly, Wal-Mart is looking forward to installing a gigantic solar power generating plant of around 100 Mega Watts.

This technology of producing power can be termed as green technology as it is environment friendly and it is attracting a lot of investors because of its benefits. Many developed countries including Switzerland, Japan, Germany and USA are focusing on this alternate method of power generation. Even the governments of these countries are giving incentives and providing subsidies to different organization and people who are willing to invest in the development and production of this form of energy.

In the near future, this source of producing power will become very common due to its sustainability, convenience and cost-effectiveness.


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    • moiragallaga profile image

      Moira Garcia Gallaga 6 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

      You're welcome Derdriu and thank you for your comments. Your experience in Brazil, that is very interesting information.

    • profile image

      Derdriu 6 years ago

      Moiragallaga: Thank you for such a concise, informational, logical presentation of such a world-friendly topic. One of my most thrilling moments in Brazil was visiting beautiful houses which were designed for natural circulation of air and light without conditioners, heaters, etc.

      Voted up, and everything else also,