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Apple Digital AV Adapter with Mirroring on iPad 2 - Some Features Available on iPad, iPhone 4 and iPod 4th Generation

Updated on April 30, 2011

The Apple iPad 2 offers one feature in particular that many people wished that the 1st generation iPad had. The Apple AV Adapter provides mirroring from the iPad 2 to an HDTV or any HDMI-compatible device.

What is mirroring? Regardless of what is showing on your iPad 2 – you will see it on the HDMI-compatible device of your choice. Presentations are simplified, photos can be shared easily and websites can be shared in real-time. As you change what is on the iPad 2 screen the mirrored image changes too. If you change the orientation of the iPad 2 screen the mirrored image adjusts orientation as well. Use the multi-touch (thumb and finger gesture) to enlarge the image and guess what – the mirrored image reacts the same way.

Apple Digital AV Adapter

Presentations to a large group or an intimate few are so easy when your iPad 2 is connected to an HDMI-compatible device via the Apple Digital AV Adapter.

You simply navigate your iPad 2 just as you would otherwise. Share YouTube videos or movies from Netflix with great digital sound (if the large screen device will support sound). Share your own videos.

Vacation photos may finally be interesting to your family and friends since you can enlarge the entire photo to zero in on a particular area.

The Apple Digital AV Adapter is sold separately from the iPad 2. The price of $39 may be easier to swallow if you consider that it can also be used with a 1st generation iPad, Apple iPhone 4 or a 4th generation iPod. Admittedly, using the AV Adapter on these other devices you will drop back to from 1080P to 720P output and you will not enjoy the mirroring feature. However, each of these devices has the required 30 pin connector that allows you to attach them to the Apple Digital AV Adapter. The HDMI cable is not included but once you acquire one it will work on any HDMI-compatible device.

Images and videos output from an iPad 2 at 1080P – however, movies will output at 720P.

Although the Apple iPad 2 has an astonishing 10 hours of battery life – we all know that number can decrease depending on what you are doing.

Watching movies or videos will drain the battery sooner than usual. To avoid an untimely shutdown the Apple Digital AV Adapter has both an HDMI port and a charge/sync port. Plug in your charge/sync cable to the Digital AV Adapter and your iPad 2, iPad, iPhone 4 or 4th generation iPod continuously charge.

How to use the Apple Digital AV Adapter

When I ordered my iPad 2 I also justified the purchase of the Apple Digital AV Adapter because of its unique uses and that it could be used with my some of my other Apple devices. Sharing digital photos is always fun but if a friend or family member has bad eye-sight they may not be able to see faces and details as well as the rest of us. Due to the multi-touch feature of my Apple devices I can include them in the conversation and give them a more pleasurable experience.

As a public speaker I enjoy being able to bring up live websites with active links as well as reviewing documents, email, spreadsheets or PowerPoint Presentations. Setup is quick and easy and there is little to carry with you while traveling. Assuming that there will be an HDMI-compatible device at my destination - all I need is my Apple Device, the Apple Digital AV Adapter dongle and an HDMI cable.


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