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Apple Logic Pro X: Are you using it? Why or Why not?

Updated on November 19, 2013

Logic Pro X: Thinking Of Upgrading!

Find Out Why A Hardcore Propellerhead Reason user moves over to Logic X Pro

I've never been a huge Logic fan, but I found this article interesting. What applications have you sworn by and later moved from?

I have many times over the years

2000: I use to swear by the Akai Mpc 3000 when I 1st got it then was introduced to the software world, that really changed things for me. Music was both easier and faster to create. The workflow took some time to get use to, but that happens with anything you switch over to.

2002: Was introduced to a program called "Reason". Well, that's when I switched over to it. I left the Mpc workflow for this new workflow. It literally had everything I need to create music at the time.

2004: Fell in love with Digital Performer. I remember walking into a studio and seeing it in action and fell in love with it. I know a daw is a daw, but something about it really grabbed me.

2006: This wasn't a change, but more of a add on. I wound out tossing the Mpc 3000 back into the mix and used it alongside Digital Performer. It was a great workflow, but I admit I was becoming a little impatient with the load times and track out process with the Mpc.

2009: This was the year I found Maschine. It had a good mix of both worlds. It had the look and feel of an Mpc and the modernization and speed of software applications. It was the best of both worlds.

Now: - I dunno. I still love maschine, Reason, my Mpc, but now I'm looking into or thinking of going back to a daw. Running into linked article above opened my eyes to Logic Pro X and I've been thinking it about it day and night.

I've been up countless hours reading reviews, watching training tutorials etc. Can't believe Apple released this at such a cheap price. It should we well over $300, but that's just my opinion.

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