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Buy Best Price Apple MacBook Pro 13.3-Inch Laptop

Updated on December 15, 2010

Click Here for Best Price Apple MacBook Pro MC374LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop

You dreamt about it for a rather long time. It has a name from now on: MacBook Pro. Equipped with an Intel engine. A speed until four times superior to the PowerBook G4. Eight times faster graphic capacities. MacBook Pro allows you to introduce your very last creations in a very simple way (and rather spectacular). Whether you are at the office of your client, on site or in your hotel room, you only need to use the remote control Apple Remote to control your music, your videos, your films and much more. Use your freedom of expression with MacBook Pro!

Strong points:

  • The new reference in performance and portability
  • Faster Processors Intel Core 2 Duo
  • More performing graphics NVIDIA
  • Manufacture Warranty 1-year

High precision aluminum. A standard which is worth gold.

Manufactured in a single block of aluminum, MacBook Pro is a master piece of technology. Its unibody shell is the fruit of precision machining. From the notch to the standby indicator which comes out from nowhere, no detail was neglected. The result is a portable as light, purified and refined, than revolutionary. The unibody shell gives the MacBook Pro more resistance than ever. You can slip it carelessly into your briefcase or your backpack and take it out at the airport, in class or on a studio set, without the slightest hesitancy.

The battery in the longest autonomy never offered on Mac laptop.

 Directly integrated in every new MacBook Pro model, the revolutionary battery lasts considerably longer, without augmenting the size or the weight of the MacBook Pro. The battery included into the new MacBook Pro gives till 7 hours of autonomy (8 hours on MacBook Pro 17 inches) by charge1cycles and can be recharged until 1,000 times. As a comparison, ordinary laptop computers seldom exceed 200 - 300 cycles of charging. An advanced chemical process and the adaptive load allow to extend the capacity of load of the battery and determine optimum way to load the cells of this one. As the battery can last until five years, MacBook Pro uses a single battery, where a medium laptop computer uses three. This is indicative of less waste. For a battery more respectful of the environment.

Graphics that fill your eyes.

 The new MacBook Pro has the ideal power and speed for high tech games. Without speaking of the pure performances for sophisticated graphic applications such as Aperture and Motion. The integrated graphic processor NVIDIA GEFORCE 9400M energy saver which equips every MacBook is ideal for a daily use, while contributing to a better autonomy.


From the moment you open your MacBook Pro, you are welcomed by a marvelous brightness emanating from the whole screen. But it is not the only quality of this shining panoramic screen lighted by LED. He offers a color spectrum broader than 60 % the previous version, for richer and more brighter colors. And all what you look at, including the ultra-fine screen itself, turns out to be spectacular. The glassy case without joins gives more resistant to the screen. On top of that, it manages energy better and, as it contains neither mercury nor arsenic, it is more ecological than ever.

Lasting. Silent. Striking.

The rigid aluminum structure of the keyboard was precisely cut up to receive the keys. These keys are curved to perfectly marry the shape of your fingers. Result? Typing becomes a true happiness. On top of that, the keyboard is illuminated. So, when you will be in slightly lighted environments, like planes or conference rooms, you will see what you will write.

Simple as a click.

The first thing you will notice — or not —is the button. The whole trackpad acts as a button, so you can click anywhere. In the absence of a separate button, you have 39 % more space to take your fingers for a walk on the large glass surface with a soft touch. Use two fingers to scroll a page vertically. Pinch the surface to extend or to reduce elements. Rotate a picture with your fingertips. Sweep with three fingers to go through your pictures collections. Sweep with four fingers to display the office, all opened windows or to topple over opened applications. If you come from a world where the right click reigns, you can even configure a zone of right click to achieve a contextual menu. The more you will use the trackpad Multi-Touch, the more you will wonder how you could go without it.

It contains everything.

MacBook Pro includes until 500 Gb of storage space on hard disc and until 4 Gb of RAM. You have an abundance of space therefore for your image collections, video projects and files. Or you can opt for a SSD disc of 128 or 256 Gb, without mobile parts, for an increased resistance. MacBook Pro offers also more DDR3 memory at 1 066 MHZ fatser, and can be increased to 8 Gb, which allows you to carry out more applications at the same time and to access your multimedia data instantly.

Ports full of possibilities.

Every MacBook Pro is ready to welcome your iPod, iPhone, digital camera and external hard disk. Whatever has a cable has its place. You will find two ports USB 2.0 (3 ports USB 2.0 on MacBook Pro 17 inches) and a FireWire 800 port to connect faster peripherals. The Mini DisplayPort connector is ideal to connect the new Apple LED Cinema Display monitor. MacBook Pro recognizes even what you connect, so that you do not need to install new drivers.

From the camera to the computer, in a split of a second.

Exchange your photos and videos with your MacBook Pro, as fast as you capture them. A new SD card reader equips the MacBook Pro 13 and 15 inches models, so that you can retouch and exchange your photos and digital videos instantly.

Your mobile studio.

Thanks to the integration of the lastest wireless technology 802.11n, you are permanently - and without the slightest effort - connected with the wireless world here and there, at home or at the office. MacBook Pro detects automatically the available networks and allows you to connect it with a simple click. Bluetooth capabilities being also integrated, remarkable accessories can become your wireless partners. With a battery which improves considerably the autonomy, you can carry out all your tasks, wherever you are.

Burn DVD super fast.

When you finished editing and gave the final touch to your movie master piece in iMovie and iDVD, use the ultra-fast Superdrive 8x of your MacBook Pro to burn it on DVD. The Superdrive can also burn double layer disks (which have almost 9 Gb of disk space); ideal to protect your data.

You. With the gift of ubiquity.

subtly integrated - almost hidden - at the top of the screen of your MacBook Pro, is an iSight webcam. Use it with iChat, and you can be everywhere without being effectively there. Chat in video with a friend, share a video with a colleague or make a presentation to a client. Combine it with Photo Booth to create funny effects on photos. It is pointless to lose precious time to install software or to configure the camera. As everything is Mac, the iSight webcam just works.

Click Here for Best Price Apple MacBook Pro MC374LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop


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